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Summer Mood Board

This Summer its all about soft tonal colours in shades of blush, grey and green, references to nature through timber and leather with natural grains and patina and a Scandi aesthetic.  Start with a beautiful leather sofa in your pick of white, soft grey or soft beige tones, add timber elements via the coffee table, side table and frames then add texture through a plush floor rug. 

Achieveing the Scandi look is just as much about how you assemble the furniture as it is the colours.  Scandi rooms tend to have a blank starting point, white walls and timber floor.  The furniture will be in tones of white, grey or timber with black metal accents introduced in a side table or lamp.  Assemble the items in the room in a relaxed manner, avoid symmetry.  Use a floating shelf to balance a painting, and introduce some greenery.  Opt for soft pastel tones for a calm and relaxing summer room. 



Shop the Mood Board: 

Brillante Leather Sofa 
Cintura square coffee table, walnut
Astro shelf gloss white
Argentina (Morocco) Rug, Antonino Floor Lamp, Alberta 4 Art, Fuji vase and cushions all available to purchase in store. 

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Top 5 Tan Leather Sofas

What gets better with age, looks good with wrinkles and charming with age spots? A buttery soft tan leather piece of furniture.  There is nothing better.  It’s timeless, suits all interiors and is something you will cherish forever.  It’s that lust worthy piece that you drool over in interior pictures and say ‘one day, I will have my own piece of furniture in perfectly worn in, soft and cosy tan leather’. 

In case you’re not already convinced we’ve rounded up our favourite perfectly worn in tan leather pieces and created a matching ‘get the look’ customised piece from our range.


If your home has classic features such as floorboards, fireplaces and high ceilings, or your pairing your sofa with classic furniture that’s already in your home, opt for a classic sofa shape with clean lines and minimal decoration.  Elements that make a sofa classic include a higher seat back, high rectangle arms of substantial thickness and timber or minimal feet.  For classic rooms you could also opt for a tufted seat. 

To style tan sofas in classic rooms, either opt to make the room modern by sticking to a simple colour palette and letting the tan leather become the central drawcard, or play up the caramel tones with other timber furniture and a traditional oriental rug.

To create a classic setting, stick to 2 or 3 seaters, placed opposite of adjacent around the rug, and maintain symmetry with armchairs.

Best Classic Tan Leather Sofa:

  • Brillante 4 Seater sofa.  Plain armrest, firm seat and matt legs.  Leather: Marco Clay or Mimosa anline leather if you want extra patina! 



Image Source


Tan is one of the easiest colours to work with, as it’s a classic choice it works just like a neutral.  And unlike black, white, grey and beige tones, it doesn’t go through the same popularity swings that make a sofa look dated, tan is always chic.  For a vibrant quirky space look for a sofa with some quirky details.  By opting for tan leather you are ensuring it won’t date, so you can afford to be more creative with the sofa shape.

For a casual look, place furniture in a non-symmetrical manner around your rug, for example use a chaise and an ottoman, or a 4 seater and one armchair.  Use  a mix of side tables rather than a coffee table and lean your artworks on a sideboard rather than hanging.

To bring the colour in, choose a colour range and go for it! Opt for pastels, bold emerald tones or earthy shades.

Best Cool & Quirky Picks:



Image Source: desireecasoni


After a contempory modular sofa and thought you had to stick to black, white or grey to keep the look modern? A modern adjustable modular in tan will tone down the look and make it far more workable in your home, plus it won’t date like uber modern jet black will.

To make this style work – look for a design with a firmish seat and loose back cushions.  Great quality tan leather will stretch over time, which will change the look of your super modern modular, choose a design with a relatively firm seat as the foam will hold its shape for longer.  Loose back cushions are supposed to look soft and comfy, so some stretching there will enhance the look over time. 

Top modular pick: 

  • Liberta corner sofa with chaise, and open end with plain leather and plain steel legs in Marco Clay.


Image Source: Interior Junkie

Modern timeless:

So you’re looking for the ultimate sofa – one that will stay with you through home changes, style changes, family changes and always look great.  It’s a tough ask of a piece of furniture, but this is as close as you will get to sofa nirvana.  It’s safe to say if you invest in this, you will have it for the long haul! Like the classic, but a little more contemporary.  Look for slim arms, a slim seat and some distance to the floor and a classic thin leg. 

For those who love the look, but are less keen on the wrinkly seat look when the sofas a few years old, opt for a quilted seat which will retain its shape for longer.

Our modern timeless picks:

  • Snello – with no feature quilting, round M1001 legs in chrome in either Marco clay leather or Mimosa leather.
  • Quilted option – the Sorano sofa in Marco clay or Mimosa. 



Image source: CM Studio


Pictured - Sorano sofa.  Image source: Hobbs Jamieson


Start your own story with a tan leather armchair.  Everyone’s favourite place to sit and have a tea and read a good book.  Our top picks are:

  • The Preci recliner in  Mimosa
  • Pradi 1 (custom order only) armchair in Mimosa for buttery sofa leather plus squishy soft seat and arms. 


Image Source: Maison Boheme 


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Style Guide: How to furnish your dining room

When considering furniture and décor for your dining room many people don’t think past the table and chairs, however a dining room with just a table and chairs will feel unresolved no matter how much you have invested.  So, to simplify the design process, we have identified the 4 essential pieces a dining room needs to be complete. 



Pictured: Midollo walnut square, Theo chairs, Coby buffet

1. The Dining Table: Size, colour and shape will be determined by your space and preference.  An extendable table is essential for those with limited space who love to entertain.  Round is great for those who love to share dishes, and square and rectangle’s come in a huge range of sizes to suit most rooms.  



Image via  Pictured: Roma chairs, Vola extension table

2. The chairs: comfort, style, how they fit with the table and budget will determine what sort of chairs you go for.  Key things to consider include comfort – it you tend to sit at your table for hours, something upholstered will be softer, high backs are generally more supportive but less modern looking, the weight of the chair, make sure you can get in and out easily, and proportions, a heave oversized upholstered chair will make a slim framed table look odd, and might overwhelm the space. 


Image Source: Pictured: Kell chairs

3. An anchor: This can be either an area rug or a sideboard.  This piece helps ‘anchor’ the table and chairs within the room.  An area rug works really well for tiles, concrete or floorboards, and is great for defining the dining room within an open plan space.  If you have carpet, or a dining room that doesn’t suit a rug, use a sideboard, or a console table to anchor the table to a wall.  It helps to tie the dining setting together and gives the space the ‘dining room’ definition it needs. 



Image via  Pictured: Opus buffet.

4. A focal point: this can be either a painting above the sideboard, a pendant light hung over the table or center décor on the table.  And it’s perfectly OK to have more than one focal point – but remember they are all focal points, so if you have two or more, consider them in relation to each other, they should complement not compete, and all have their own space (horizontal and vertical).  


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The Spazisio Sofa

The new Spazisio sofa by Beyond Furniture brings a more formal design silhouette to the collection, with luxurious details including the classic high back design and fitted lumbar cushion.  The Spazisio is designed to be understated, yet unquestioningly the focus of the room.  Its refined aesthetic brings to mind formal sitting rooms of the past; yet its slim proportions and contemporary legs ensure the Spazisio is very much ‘now’. 




The Spazisio will work best as the focal point of your living room, regardless of whether your living room is modern or classic.  To achieve a more casual look, partner a 3 or 4 seater with an oversized ottoman for a relaxed open seating space.  Accompany with a textured rug, a cosy throw and a generous coffee table to complete the look.  Consider colours from the new King colour leather range, perhaps a French navy or modern charcoal contrasted with a blush or nude ottoman.




For a more formal look, consider a 4 seater and an armchair.  Achieve the formal look by placing the sofa and armchair around a large area rug with a classic repetitive pattern.  Use one or two large coffee tables in the centre and large overstuffed throw cushions in pairs.  Style the coffee table with stack of books and an orchid to achieve the refined and timeless formal look. 


As with all of Beyonds’ sofas, the Spazisio sofa has custom design options.  The lumbar cushion has 3 options; plain, diamond quilted to enhance the classic formal appeal, or perforated and striped which gives the Spazisio a completely modern twist.   The legs can also be switched to a more slimline steel look for something more subtle or timber options are available.


cintura ww.jpg


Choose from hundreds of leather colours and finishes.  The sofa is available in the classic 1-4 seaters as well as modular seating options including corner, chaise and ottoman modules.  If you still can’t find the right size, the Spazisio sofa can be made to measure.  We love the Spazioso ottoman in a customised large size in the King ‘blush’ leather for our showrooms, teamed with the King ‘Navy’ 4 seater.  The navy and blush is very on trend for Spring Summer and suits the Spazisios’ formal aesthetic perfectly.


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New Arrivals Spring Summer 2015



Beyond Furniture have some exciting new arrivals in September as part of their new Spring Summer collection.  Firstly, new designs from Italy will be arriving after being released at the Milan Furniture Fair earlier this year. The Monika dining chair is striking with its slim lines and cut away seat design.   With an upholstered seat, and support in all the right places, comfort does not give way to aesthetics, rather the chairs silhouette is formed from essential support.  The tapered walnut legs give the chairs overall look a contemporary edge, the Monika looks fantastic with our range of Walnut tables.




The Flora chair is a more traditional shape, with a comfortable upholstered seat, but no less stylish in an understated classic way.  The proportions of the seat are just so to balance against the slim and tapered walnut legs.  Overall the tapered legs give the chair a very light footprint, meaning the Flora strikes an ideal balance between being modern and minimal and being comfortable and a timeless design.






The elegant Liza armchair is set to become a living room classic.  With slim proportions and a graceful aesthetic thanks to its slimline arms, long legs and paired back aesthetic will complement all living spaces.  Team one with a sofa in an open plan space for a casual look, or use two together in place of a second sofa to create a more formal living space that still offers versatile seating. 




And, since contemporary living should never be boring, add some punchiness to your entry way or bedroom with the shark hall stand. An edgy design that commands attention, yet does so in a light hearted way.  Highlight the style statement by selecting a vivid green or orange, or play down the statement in a stylish grey, white or black.




Good magazine racks are hide to find.  They serve the practical purpose of storing magazines and newspapers, but, given they are on display, they might as well do it in a stylish way.  Go beyond the boring with the Italian designed and made MAG rack.  A contemporary design made for looking at. Add a punch of colour to a contemporary space with the red or green MAG rack, or make a more subtle statement with grey.


We also have a new range of accessories from Serax Belgium.  The twisted forms of the wire storage bowls and boxes add a sculptural element to our shelves and desks, storage never looked so good! Plus the soft muted greys and lavender of the gorgeous vases and bowls pair beautifully with the grey and white of the Catherine Lovatt candlestick holders and conical Fuji vases.  The soft organic form of the and muted pastel tones of the Brune table top range are perfect for a Spring refresh at home.

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Bedroom Styling With The New Walnut Collection

Our new walnut collection features a classic design aesthetic with surprising twists in colour, patterns and materiality giving it a unique edge incomparable to other furniture retailers. Some of the latest products soon to arrive in store include the Windsor storage bed, Kroes bedside tables and Cassetti dresser chest & desk set. These pieces are timeless, classic and hard-wearing with small design details that make them truly special. To help you design your dream bedroom, we've styled three essential elements, including the bed, dresser and storage unit, in this case a buffet.

1. Windsor Storage Bed  2. Piccolo Side Table  3. Fredrika Framed Painting

The new Windsor bed has an understated walnut veneer frame, a striking leather headboard and under-bed storage. It's perfect for those who love to sit up in bed to read or watch TV and want something comfortable to lean against. The storage draw is extremely practical for when you need that little extra space for hiding away clothes, linen and shoes. Tie the look in with copper and pastel pink accessories for an elegant touch.

1. Olsen Lounge Chair  2. Cassetti Dresser Chest & Desk Set (walnut version coming soon)  3. Esta Hanging Mirror (walnut version coming soon)

The new Cassetti dresser and Olsen lounge chair have a distinctly masculine and bold design aesthetic making them perfect for shared bedrooms. The Olsen chair has adjustable leather straps providing the comfortable seat back support and unique look. The American walnut veneer and mustard leather are easy to work with and team with existing furniture ensuring you achieve a timeless and coordinated look in your home.

1. Modus Buffet  2. Alto Navy Painting

A buffet is not only designed for the dining or living room, but works wonders in the bedroom as well. Store away unsightly mess and display your favourite personal pieces, such as artwork, photographs and accessories on the top. The Modus contains 6 storage compartments and features beautiful rose gold aluminium sleigh legs that will give your room a sophisticated feel in next to no time.

All Beyond Furniture’s beds come with the Dorsal Varial slat system, providing advanced European engineered support. These are best complimented by a natural mattress by Dorsal, click here to view our range.


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At Home Inspiration: Dining Tables at Home

Wooden and Glass Dining Table, Extension Dining Table Sydney

Beyond Furniture have a huge selection of modern dining tables to suit whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a large extendable dining table for entertaining guests or a small round dining table for an apartment with limited space. Our collection of contemporary dining tables are durable, hard-wearing pieces with a classic aesthetic, meaning they will last you for many many years to come despite the changing interior design trends.

Our range of dining tables comes in a variety a finishes and materials to complement your existing décor, including European oak veneer, glass, glossy polyurethane and aluminium. We have all the designer looks covered, from minimal dining tables for the contemporary Australian home to glossy dining tables with glass inserts to suit a more European and luxe style of home. There is a Beyond Furniture table design to suit any dining room setting and home.

Because dining room furniture is the focus of home entertaining, finding the right dining table to accommodate family and friends is a worthwhile investment. Both round dining tables and square dining tables promote conversation and social interaction, while rectangular dining tables are ideal for bigger events. If functionality is a requirement, opt for an extendable dining table that caters to smaller apartments, but expands for entertaining.


Read More >


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At Home Inspiration: Roma Leather Dining Chair

The season for entertaining is just around the corner! Get your dining room in order with the classic and minimal Roma leather dining chair. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary style home, you can't go wrong with the simplicity and classic style of the Roma. The superior comfort makes it one of our most popular dining chairs thanks to its high, supportive back and foam padding covered in soft leather upholstery. The Roma is also available in a wide range of leather options. So if you’re wanting a bold pop of colour in your dining room, you could go with either orange or red, or if you’re looking for something a little more subtle and classic, you could pick from either white, black or brown. The slim proportions and elegant leather upholstery give the Roma a modern look that is well suited to modern, open plan dining rooms, formal dining rooms, or more casual rooms. kywong ave pybmble - incavo, roma.jpg


Set within the lush greenery of Pymble, this contemporary home features our black leather Roma chairs complemented by our glossy white Incavo dining table. The black and white theme is a classic look that will definitely stand the test of time. blaxland rd bellevue hill - roma brown.jpg


While this home is very contemporary, it's given a rustic edge with a large wooden dining table perfectly paired with our Roma dining chairs in brown leather. The neutral tones in both the chairs and table complement each other brilliantly. table & roma chairs white - 25 sheehy st glebe.jpg


For something a little more modern, why not opt for the Roma chairs in white leather? They truly brighten up this ultra luxe apartment. Our popular Classica dining table expands the visual space of the room due to its glass top - a good tip if you're short on space.


The crowd pleaser - this dining setting is the perfect place for getting the whole family together! The simplicity and modern style of the Roma means that you can have as many chairs as you want without your space looking too overbearing. and romas white.jpg


This home has a tropical holiday vibe, enhanced by all-white furnishings, including our Roma dining chairs and Classica dining table. Add some warmth into the space with some white shag pile rugs and a bright painting or two.


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Introducing 100% Customisable Sofas

At Beyond Furniture, we have always provided high quality leather sofas, with a focus placed on quality, durability, comfort and timeless aesthetics. We’re now going further and providing made to measure sofas to your specifications. Get the perfect fit and look for your home with hundreds of design options! Choose your design, your leather, your exact size requirements and custom design options, including leg designs, stitching details and exclusive leather-crafting features. Join us in store to create the sofa you’re dreaming of!

Made to Measure

We’re pleased to announce that we now offer made to measure sofas, meaning that we can create a sofa to fit your exact size requirements! While we have always provided a large selection of modular seating options, we know that each room and family is unique. You can now play with different seat and arm widths so that you can get the perfect fit for your home.

Choice of Different Sofa Legs

For selected models only, choose from a great variety of leg options, from stainless steel sleigh legs to traditional timber legs. Try something different, and opt for a diamond leg!  You can even choose which finish you would like. Our steel legs come in either a polished or matte finish, and our timber legs come in a variety of options, from Solid Black, Beech, Cherry, Dark Walnut … the list goes on!

Choice of Stitching Types & Colours

We now offer contrast stitching for our sofas, so that you can enjoy exclusive stitching details unique to your style. Be daring and pick a bright colour for impact, or something a little softer for a subtle effect.  For selected models, you can choose from a piped seam to a leather exposed seam so that you can get the look you’re longing for down to the last detail!

Leather-Crafting Options

Explore a world of leather-crafting features now at Beyond Furniture! On selected models, you have the option of adding weaving, perforation and special pattern printing on various sections of your leather sofa. We even have a luxurious leaf print that works beautifully on a seat back. Add a mock croc or Geko pattern to an arm rest and back rest for a personalised touch exclusive to your sofa.

Seat Firmness Adjustment

We know that everyone enjoys a different seating comfort level, so we’re happy to announce that you can now choose from either a soft or firm seat for your sofa. If you prefer a softer seating level, remember that the leather may appear a little looser, giving your sofa a more rounded and casual look. On the other hand, the firmer option gives the sofa a more formal and progressive look.

Add Headrest Mechanism & Seat Recliner

On selected models, you can now have the option of adding a head mechanism, electronic recliner or an electronic recliner with switch for enhanced luxury and comfort. So you can now take your classic sofa to a comfortable recliner with ease. Both mechanisms are constructed with key parts that are made in Germany by reputable companies, so you know you’re getting the best quality.

Make sure to contact us on 1300 11 22 33 or speak to a sales consultant in store for more details.

Click here to view our store locations.


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New Year, New You ... Sleep Better in 2014 With A Natural Mattress

With the New Year comes new goals, and in order to fulfil these goals it is imperative that we get a good night’s rest. After the excitement, stress, lack of sleep and indulgences that the festive season brings, we’re not going to be working at our optimum performance level. Getting yourself back on track after the holiday period includes exercise, goal setting and plenty of rest. Re-establishing a good bedtime routine, and even getting in a few early night’s sleep, can make to world of difference.

Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest

Getting a good night’s rest is a crucial element to maintaining good health. Everyone recognises the sensation of contentment and satisfaction upon rising after a deep sleep. Since sleep is a basic physiological, integrative and restorative need, troubled sleep affects daytime activity, social interactions, mood and quality of life. Getting a poor night’s sleep means that our brains are not sharp, our thought processes are not focused, and our social interactions are strained. Getting at least 7 hours sleep per night, along with diet and exercise, is vital to a balanced a healthy lifestyle.

Finding the Right Mattress For You

When buying a new mattress, the most important consideration is personal comfort. If we’re comfortable, we have a better chance of sleeping well, and if we sleep well, we’re more inclined to stay healthy. It’s best to find a mattress that’s designed to conform to your spine’s natural curve and distribute pressure evenly across the body. This alleviates pressure, and provides a more peaceful, deeper sleep. Make sure to test ‘sleep’ on a mattress for at least 20 minutes in a normal sleeping position before you make a decision.

Natural Mattress by Dorsal

The key to better sleep, health and productivity is as simple as sleeping on a new, quality mattress. Beyond Furniture’s mattress manufacturer Dorsal specialise in high-end mattresses and bed systems. Through much time and research to understanding the science of sleep, Dorsal have created a range of innovative natural mattresses that can help each person find their perfect sleep system. Read on to find out about our Grand Soleil range of natural mattresses, all made from renewable raw materials.

Zefiro Mattress

The Zefiro mattress is made from renewable resources including sunflower, soy and wrap oils and water. The Triocell base layer offers the perfect blend of support, balanced pressure and uncompromising comfort. The result soothes muscular tension and provides you with total relaxation. The tubes technology also creates a passage of air through the mattress to keep it free from bacteria and moulds.

Triocell Soleil Mattress

The Triocell mattress is a favourite amongst our customers and staff due to its combination of 3 types of cells for support, balanced pressure and comfort. The diamond grid surface is designed to relieve pressure points and provides a unique sleep sensation. The Grand Soliel foam is natural and made from renewable resources. The Triocell mattress is perfect for people who understand the importance of sleeping well.

Duocell Elios Mattress

The Duocell mattress is ideal for those wanting to relieve aches and pains. Its patented tear-drop shaped cuts make sure that pressure is distributed evenly, minimising discomfort. The Duocell foam is made from two different sized cells, 50% large for support, and 50% small for comfort. The 7 core support zones, with different grades of firmness, follow the curves of the body and provide optimal support.

Visco Etoile Mattress

This Visco Etoile mattress strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support, thanks to the combination of the Monocell and NaturMemory foam. Monocell foam supports the body and matches its movements perfectly, assuring a regenerative, comfortable sleep. The NaturMemory foam alleviates pressure, distributing the weight of the body evenly for a more peaceful, deeper sleep.

The Natural Mattress range can be trialled and purchase in all 3 Beyond Furniture stores, or via the Beyond Furniture website.

Click here to find out more about our Natural Mattress range...


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How To Style Our Torino Leather Sofa

Offer valid 27.12.2013 to 02.02.2014

The Torino sofa comes in a range of modular pieces to create the perfect shape for your room, in addition to accessories including ottomans & headrests. The Torino can be ordered in your choice of leather grade and colour.

For more information, or to order click here

The Torino sofa is a popular choice for our customers, due to its classic and elegant style. It’s characterised by its simple lines and refined shape, and upholstered in top grade Italian leather, making it a durable piece with long-lasting charm. It features stainless steel sleigh legs, broad armrests and spacious seating, and is available in varying modular styles. The Torino sofa has compact proportions, but doesn’t compromise on seating space, making it the ideal option for small spaces. For those needed plenty of seating space, the Torino sofa can be customised into a four seater sofa, and can include chaise and ottoman options. The Torino is upholstered in three grades of leather, aniline leather being of the highest quality. Only the best hides can be used during the dying process of aniline leather. The leather's natural beauty is accentuated by the dye, giving the furniture a luxurious look and feel.  Read on to see some examples of how the Torino has been styled by our previous customers.

In this apartment, the owners have taken advantage of the generous seating of the Torino sofa. It has been upholstered in Unicorn semi-aniline leather, which is very soft to the touch, adding to the luxuriousness of the apartment.

This waterfront property features the Torino sofa with chaise component, allowing plenty of lounging space. The owners have chosen the Pure White corrected grain leather upholstery, which is the easiest leather to maintain due to its pigment coating.

Finally, we see the Torino sofa in a Bone semi-aniline leather, which is perfectly matched with a glossy dark grey coffee table and dining setting. The semi-aniline leather is great for those who enjoy the qualities of natural leather, but with the benefits of increased durability.

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How To Style Our Kassel Leather Sofa

Offer valid 27.12.2013 to 02.02.2014

The Kassel comes in a range of modular pieces to create the perfect shape for your room, in addition to accessories including ottomans & headrests. The Kassel can be ordered in your choice of leather grade and colour.

For more information, or to order click here

The Kassel sofa has a streamlined and minimalist look, making it a timeless piece that will give you years of enjoyment in your home. It offers you the best of both worlds. Low, square proportions that give it a modern feel, and rounded cushions that make it inviting and comfortable. The major advantage of buying a sofa in such a simple and classic style is that it will suit most interior styles, allowing you to update your living room without having to re-purchase another sofa. The neat square feet and sleek shape of the Kassel exemplifies its minimalist style. Luckily, this sofa comes in varying sizes, from a single armchair to larger modular piece, so it doesn’t matter what size room you have as we can tailor it to your needs. Additionally, the Kassel is made with premium Italian leather, adding to the contemporary design. We have three grades of leather, including corrected grain, semi-aniline grain and aniline. Aniline leather is the perfect choice for this sofa as it is soft and supple to the touch, and rich in colour. This top grade of leather also develops a lovely patina over time.

The wide three seater Kassel sofa in Cocoa works seamlessly in this modern home thanks to its rectangular proportions and sleek style. The sofa has been upholstered in aniline leather, which creates a soft and luxurious feel. Our Prima TV Unit adds to the look.


The Kassel sofa in Tuscan complements the fresh and bright atmosphere of this living room. The soft and rounded shape of the Kassel makes the space appear very warm and inviting. The semi-aniline leather allows us to see the natural beauty of the leather, whilst maintaining durability and colour consistency.

Perfect for family environments, the Jet Black Kassel sofa in the corrected grain leather is easy to clean, and as the protective layer is quite thick, the leather is less susceptible to water damage. This modular piece also allows a generous amount of space for the whole family to relax and unwind.

For those who have ample space in their living room, a corner sofa is the ideal option. This large sumptuous piece fills the space nicely, without overcrowding it. This sofa has been upholstered in aniline leather in Cocoa, which will develop a rich patina over time, adding to its character.

The Kassel in the Snow semi-aniline leather truly brightens up this space. The contrast between the charcoal feature wall and the stunning white leather creates a harmonious look in this living room. The semi-aniline leather ensures colour consistency across the leather for a uniform look.

This Chocolate Brown sofa looks great paired with the bright green shaggy rug and mahogany furnishings in this modern interior. This sofa has been upholstered in corrected grain leather, making it highly resistant to wear, soiling and fading.

The wide masculine proportions of the Midnight Black leather Kassel sofa, with the added chaise component, really suits the contemporary look of this apartment. You can’t go wrong with a minimalist sofa in a neutral colour. Our Slide Coffee Table enhances this apartment’s stylish appeal.

If you’re loving the all-white trend, try the Kassel sofa in the Unicorn semi-aniline leather to compliment your interior space. Pair with a super modern glass coffee table, such as our Occhio coffee table, to finish off the look.

This stylish apartment features our Azio coffee table in glossy white and Pure White corrected grain leather Kassel sofa with accompanying ottoman. The all-white furnishings give the space more depth and flair. As corrected leather is embossed with a grain pattern, there will be an even appearance in the hide.

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Styling Inspiration: Wave Bed 3 Piece Set

The Wave bed and Blocco bedsides have been a popular combination for a number of years.  The simple style means it is versatile and suits most interior styles, the look can be easily changed up with a change of linen, and the compact dimensions make it suitable for small bedrooms.  The headboard features a slight dip in the top, softening the look, and the headboard curves back, making it very comfortabe to lean against with a pillow.  We have gathered a couple of at home photos to show the Wave setting in a few different interiors. dalleys rd naremburn.jpg

Classic: The Wave bed is styled with simple white linen and warm golden accessories.  The classic style works wonderfully in this renovated bedroom with heritage features.

In this beach side property the Gloss white Wave bed is finished with a contemporary grey and white quilt and a pop of yellow., blocco, maya.jpg

The Wave bed and Blocco bedsides form a modern glam look in this bedroom, thanks to the patterned grey quilt with black accents, and the black Kartell bedside lamps. bed wb plus blocco bedsides wb.jpg

And this contemporary space is light and modern, the hints of blue add the perfect amount of colour for a fresh and relaxing bedroom. 

View the Wave Bed Package now

Images via

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Styling Inspiration: Beyond Furniture Coffee Tables

Our range of coffee tables is a mix of sleek glass & aluminium, leather, and poly options with storage, the complement a range of interior styles and layouts, so we have gathered up our favourite at home shots to show you how they look in different spaces.

Occhio Coffee Table  RRP: $550 studley park rd kew.jpg

The clear glass Occhio coffee table is the perfect complement to this inviting contemporary space.  The round shape is ideal for this symmetrical sofa setting. gubbuteh road little bay 2.jpg

Once again placed between 2 symmetrical sofa's creating a formal sitting space but also complementing the modern feel of this incredible room with the double height glazing.  Seen here with the Prima 1.8 TV unit in gloss white., occhio, astrati console, ventura mirror.jpg

The Occhio in a beach side setting, the round size is also ideal for use with a chaise sofa.  Seen here with the Ampezzo sofa, Cowhide Rug, Incavo Console Table, Ventura Mirror.

SLIDE GREY GLASS COFFEE TABLE RRP $875 coffee table grey - match astrati white.jpg

This sitting room has a classic feel thanks to the formal style of the sofas & the lamps.  The grey glass slide coffee table brings a glam edge, and also complements the contemporary TV unit, pulling the space together. torino prima2.4.jpg

It also works perfectly in this very contemporary room, with a simple grey and white colour scheme.  Seen here with the Prima 2.4 TV Unit (old version, new version here) & Torino sofa. 

SLIDE SQUARE GREY GLASS COFFEE TABLE RRP $895 clarke st crows nest.jpg

The square is the perfect size for use with a large chaise or corner lounge, the contemporary style suits this modern space, and the grey glass provides a nice anchor to the room. square - sofas.jpg

The square slide has been doubled up for this contemporary oversized living roomwhich looks great, and provides the perfect proportions for the room, and the sofa set.

INCAVO COFFEE TABLE RRP $595 dalleys rd naremburn2.jpg

Light and bright for this renovated room, the Incavo complements the contemporay fit out, and also the more traditional features including the fireplace.  Seen here with the Prima 1.8 in gloss white, ncavo.jpg

In this space, the Incavo complements the very modern grey and white space, it is simple and sleek, and provides 2 small drawers for storage.  Seen here with the Ampezzo sofa and the Prima 2.4 in gloss dark grey (old version, new version here). 


Clean and contemporary, the Cintura range will complement most spaces, the oval shape works well for long, thin rooms, and in front of 3 seater sofas.  Seen here with the Rimini sofa

DOMINO COFFEE TABLE RRP $1595 bay living 3.jpg

The Domino is modern, and versatile, with 2 large storage drawers, and two open shelves for display.  Use the contrasting colours for a contemporary space, or a solid colour for a more streamlined effect.  Seen here with the Dese sofa, and Aria Buffet


Images via

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Styling Inspiration: Mezzi TV Unit At Home

The Mezzi has been a long standing favourite from our TV unit range, it's sleek looks and practical storage means it suits most spaces.  Throughout our 10 year anniversary sale we're teaming it with its popular mate, the Hula side table when you purchase a Mezzi or Mezzi Tall tv unit, you get the Hula side table for free.  We gathered up our favourite 'At Home' shots of the Mezzi to show you how it looks in use.  It's practical storage consists of 2 cupboards with adjustable center shelves, and a central glass drawer, divided in half, the lower half is drawers storage, which can store CD's & DVD's, the upper half is for your media components, with a hole at the back for cables.  The components sit behind the clear glass front so remotes have access, but they remain dust free.

MEZZI AT HOME - mezzi.jpg

Classic glam: in this room the Mezzi beige is accented with black for a glamorous look.  Also pictured is the Midollo dining table, and the Stark chair & ottoman (now discontinued).

Simple & contemporary: In this room, the Mezzi beige is a similar tone to the wall colour, so it provides clean and sleek storage that blends in, and lets the stunning view remain the focus. palmer st atarmon.jpg

Contemporary Family living: In this bright and spacious room the Mezzi in white/brilliant white keeps the TV area clean and fuss free and there is enough space for a vibrant bunch of flowers. white mezzi - oxley st.jpg

Modern Apartment Living: In smaller apartments, neat & clean storage is essential.  The Mezzi provides a streamlined solution for this open plan space and gives the room a contemporary look., mezzi.jpg

Home Theater: The Mezzi also makes a great base to a wall mounted entertainment system.  It can house the Foxtel/DVD/Audio equipment, and complements the modern aesthetic of new TV's.  Seen in this room, with the Dese sofa and the Cintura square coffee table in gloss white. watson st neutral bay.jpg

Urban Contemporary: In this bright, open plan room, the Mezzi fits in perfectly, complementing the mix of finishes and colours in the furntiure.  The overall look is contemporary, meaning everything works together, and presents a modern space that reflects character and personal style.  Seen here with the Slide table in grey glass, the Olivia side table in gloss white, the Ampezzo lounge in elephant grey & the Cala armchair (now discontinued).

Hula Side Table, available in gloss white & gloss dark grey, RRP $295 each.


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Fiori Leather Sofa - Product Profile

The Fiori sofa is one of our most popular items both with staff and customers, and with good reason.  The Fiori has a classic contemporary look that can suit most interior styles and it's amongst the most comfortable of our sofas.  The Fiori's construction, with the panelled leather also means it will retain it's look for years to come.  Leather is a natural material that will stretch slightly over time, the use of the smaller pieces of leather, quilted together allows the Fiori to retain it's 'as new' look for longer, as those smaller pieces of leather will not stretch out as much or as quickly.  In addition to this, the pockets of feathers in the seat (one of the reason's it is so comfortable) stay within their square, so the Fiori will also resist the 'sat in' hole that appears after time. 

With the Fiori chaise sofa on sale at the moment we thought we would reveal some of our favourite Fiori 'at home looks', to show you how the Fiori can adapt to any style.  Below we see modern contemporay, classic, retro mod, beachy and formal. 

Click here to see more info on the Fiori...


The Fiori sofa is on sale for a limited time, it is currently on display at all 3 of our stores.  The sale model is a chaise, we have stock available for fast delivery and a choice of colours.  For queries, please call 1300 11 22 33 or email

Click here to see more info on the Fiori...

Image Sources: 1 & 2, 3, 4, 5 (our own), 6 (customer supplied)

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BoConcept Project - Urban Danish Design & after.jpg

We’ve just had a very hectic few weeks, well I guess it has been full steam ahead for us since April this year, when we embarked on our Milan trip to check out the furniture fair, and returned home with a new project brewing.  It has been our long time motto, and a mission we have built our business on, to find the best furniture solutions for our customers and make them available.  This year, for Beyond Furniture we introduced a line of German made armchairs and expanded our Italian line to introduce greater diversity and quality to our range, and in April, we also began discussions with Danish furniture company BoConcept.

BoConcept was a company we were already aware of, whilst it wasn’t yet in Australia, it is in nearly 60 countries globally, and we had seen it previously on our travels.  We identified with the companies values and admired how extensive their range was, and we just knew Australians would embrace the down to earth look & original designs of the Danish range.  We started a conversation with BoConcept, and quickly became very excited by the opportunity of offering our customers two comprehensive ranges with distinct looks, Italian & Danish, either to suit different tastes, or to complement each other in one house.  Conversations quickly lead to action and less than 6 months later, the first BoConcept store opened in Australia.

After we decided to proceed, we were faced with finding a site for the new store.  We’ve had headquarters in Crows Nest for a long time now, and when we came across the site on the corner of the Pacific Hwy & Albany St (the old Sleepy City store) we knew it would be perfect for the first BoConcept store.  In record time the site was gutted, new ceilings, lighting, flooring, walls and glass were installed, and then we waited.  The in-store work all went to plan, and we were then on hold until the furniture and fixtures arrived from Denmark, once those containers arrived it was all hands on deck for the store opening.  We had an amazing team with the ‘best of the best’ BoConcept representatives flown in from all corners of the globe to assist in the store preparation.  An almighty effort from everyone the week prior to opening meant the shop looked outstanding, better than even we expected for opening day last week! image.jpg

And now we are excited to introduce Australians to BoConcept’s range, their comprehensive range of furniture has been refined over the last 60 years, and is truly global in its appeal, the original designs have all been specifically designed for its urban audience.  So far we have had a great response, with Australians’ really connecting with the modern Scandinavian look, and the unlimited options from within the BoConcept range, which is built entirely around the concept of customisation.  The range of accessories, lighting and rugs has certainly been a major hit in the opening week! collection2.jpg

Going forward what we are most looking forward to is helping our customers on that next level, whether it is our Beyond Furniture customers, our BoConcept customers or those who like to shop at both, our extensive range and stronger than ever team can now truly help our customers solve just about any Interior furniture requirement.   And we look forward to doing just that.


Visit BoConcept’s Website:


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Dining Room Package: At Home Inspiration

Great news for everyone who has been eyeing off the Astrati 2m dining table or Oltre chairs recently, we have bundled them up into a super well priced package which includes the 2x1m Astrati & 6 Oltre chairs.  The package is available in 3 colours glossy white, glossy beige, or glossy dark grey, or you can mix and match the colours as you wish! 

(To order a mixed colour package, please order in store or over the phone 1300 11 22 33).

The RRP of the set is usually $3795, buying it in the package you get it for the special price of $2500 (save $1295)! *Some conditions apply.

We have gathered some shots of this package at home to inspire you! white & oltre gw.jpg plus oltres2.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg 5.jpg

(Note: Image 5 only shows 4 chairs, 6 are included in the package).

SHOP: the Astrati Dining Package

Note: The 2000x900mm Ash Grey Astrati can be purchased with 6 Oltre Chairs at the package price of $2500 (Normal RRP$1595, save $1195).  To order this, please order in store or over the phone 1300 11 22 33

Image Sources: 1, 2, 3 4 & 5

*Offer Conditions: Delivery fees and charges apply.  Not in Conjunction with any other offer.  Offer available only on specified products. 

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Black & White Interior Inspiration

I am compiling some images for catalogue’s today, and found myself distracted by all things black and white for the interior!  Browsing through our Pinterest page for inspiration, I thought I might share some of my favourite monochrome looks that would be easy to achieve at home.

Image top left: Casa Blogit

Image top right: The Design Files

Get the Look: Astrati gloss white dining table – from $1395 Ava glossy dark grey chairs – $435ea;   Futuna Chandelier – $995

This Dining room has managed to soften and add a glamorous, romantic feel to the monochromatic pallette with the addition of a glass chandelier and light sheer curtains.  The very blonde timber and panelled walls and ceiling have a rustic charm to them,  the choice of black and white furnishings gives the room a contemporary twist.  For an at home look, opt for modern furniture selections then add in unexpected details to personalise the space, such as a glass chandelier, pops of green through plants, or sculptural elements.  The kitchen in the right image is just a beautifully simple space, the white bench tops, white walls and open shelving create a sensational open and light space.

Image top left:  Likainen Parketti (for more black and white inspiration, check out her updated blog here)

Image top right: Trendir

Get the Look: Cassetti gloss white storage bed – from $2450 Ventura dark grey glass bedside – $650 Work table lamp (BoConcept) – $319 tinted grey oil on canvas – $495 sml Cushion with triangles (BoConcept) – $69 each


I love the painted door – a very simple, yet dramatic way to add some monochrome style into a room.  This bedroom has an almost mod feel to it, in its very strict adherence to the monochrome scheme, the beautiful timber flooring reign the look in, try adding some shades of grey for a softened and more homely black and white bedroom.

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Beyond Furniture 'At Home', Interior Inspiration for the Astrati Dining Table

The Astrati Dining Table, one of our best sellers, is available in Gloss White, Gloss Dark Grey, Gloss Beige, Ash Grey & Birsdeye, and available in 3 sizes 1500x850; 2x1m & 2.4x1m.

We have been gathering an ‘at home’ collection of images for a couple of months, and already I am loving the way that Beyond Furniture customers make the furniture their own, and add their own unique style to bring their place to life.  One of the stand out’s has been the Astrati Dining Table in gloss white, the modern & simple design lends itself to different takes.  Normally we reveal our ‘at home’ finds via our Facebook page as we find them, so I thought it would be nice to start compiling posts of a products once we have a couple of images to show how different people style it, and here is our first collection!  It is appropriate to start with the Astrati as I happen to be sitting at one now, I have the 2m Ash Grey version as my desk, its been a long time favourite of mine from the Beyond range!

We love this one, and so did our Facebook fans! The gloss white table, teamed with the Oltre chairs were a perfect choice for this stunning open plan room, it suited the contemporary aesthetic and is simple and fresh.  Simply accessorised with a green runner, that links to the incredible green outlook and a statement bowl as a centre piece.  The rug underneath defines the dining space within the larger open space and, being in a similar tone to the floor boards it does not interrupt the open feel with the indoor, outdoor flow.

This dining space has a wonderful airy, beachy feel to it, thanks to the plain white and washed out timber floorboards.  The two tone colour scheme of white and a light natural timber makes this a very calming space.

The sleek white Astrati teamed with contemporary white leather chairs have a stunning effect in this modern home.  Left very minimal, the setting complements the modern fit out and kitchen, whilst those lovely floor boards prevent the room from becoming too stark or minimal.  The owners could add a touch of that mustard yellow (seen in the throw rug in the background), in a vase or oversized bowl in the centre of the table if they wanted to introduce some colour.

Just as contemporary, but a warmer approach with beautiful brown tones on the wall and textured accessories mean the gloss white table (to match the kitchen) teamed with the textured mocha toned fabric chairs (the slim aluminium legs ensure they match the modern aesthetic) are a perfect choice in this dining space.  The pendant light adds a touch of glamour to the space, and the table centre pieces look great, introducing another textural element and the two different heights creates visual interest.

This large house (this is the informal dining – check out the formal dining through the doorway), with what appears to be a spectacular outlook from the balcony, has done a great job creating a relaxed casual dining area that complements that incredible, modern kitchen.   The matching Oltre chairs from Beyond are a great choice, they are comfortable and low maintenance; having the chairs placed on the ends rather then in two rows of three gives it a more relaxed look and feel and the fabric pendant overhead helps to define the dining area.  The red bowl adds a welcome splash of colour.

Images: 1, 3. & 4 . Real  2.  Domain  5. Homehound

Do you have Beyond Furniture pieces in your home? We would love to see it & share it for other customers!  Send photos to

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Styling Your Wall Unit

Is your wall unit looking a bit uninspired? It’s time to add a bit of character to it with the most interesting and engaging spaces being the ones that give a glimpse into the personalities of the people who use them. A blank wall unit is the perfect canvas to start with, you can then begin to add that splash of colour to the room, create balance, add a touch of class or just show off those prized possessions.

Use books as art! Find books with a beautiful or unusual covers and display them on book stands or lean them against the bookcase, this creates a similar look as a picture wall with the added benefit of being able to add and evolve the look when you discover new ones.

Lie them down! Create a small stack of books which are arranged by size then add a quirky ornament placed on top in either the same colour or use a contrasting colour.

Squeeze them in! Filling every second or third shelf with a bunch of family books or albums you love, this is a wonderful way of ensuring the wall unit is not only a practical piece but is also a wall full of wonderful memories and stories.  

Try to keep the shelves balanced, however this doesn’t mean they need to be symmetrical. Vary the orientation between each shelf from vertical to horizontal to create interest. Also create little groups within colour tones & size but don’t restrict yourself, mix up the groups by combining books, personal items and ornaments. If you feel like the wall unit is looking to ‘bitsy’ add some baskets or boxes that fit nicely into the cavities, these will not only help balance out the unit but are a great practical solution for some concealed storage as well.

Within the group clusters you can create layers by utilising the depth of your wall unit. Place some taller items further towards the back and other smaller ones overlapping at the front, this will give the wall unit some complexity and help in creating character.


Use books you love, photos, pictures that mean something to you, prized possessions, and artefacts from travels or things you have picked up along the way to accessorise your wall unit.  The wall will end up being a lot more special to you if you use the things you love.

Images: Blog N Blogs

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Dining Chair Guide

Published By: Eliza Williams

"Advice on what type of chair to select" 2.jpg

With so many dining chair styles available it’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to select the perfect one for your house, we’ve provided a useful guide to help you try and narrow the field!

Polyurethane or Timber Chairs
- You can match the colours to your dining table perfectly, or you can contrast the table for a contemporary style
- There is a large range of styles available, modern designs look great in polyurethane
- The easiest chairs to maintain, they can simply be wiped down, this makes them very popular amongst families with young children, or for use in a casual dining or breakfast rooms.
- They are less formal then upholstered versions, they are popular for relaxed open plan spaces.

- Without any padding, they can be harder and less comfortable to sit on for long periods of time,  look for models with a high back for support, and keep some seat cushions handy for longer dinner parties.

> Look At: Oltre Sailing Foro Zoe Divina

Fabric Upholstered Chairs
- Very Comfortable
- Lots of colour options, the addition of a fabric into a room filled with hard surfaces will work to soften the look, and provide warmth
- Fabric Upholstered Chairs will absorb a lot of noise, great if you have a dining room that you find ‘echoey’ or noisy.
- You could have them re-upholstered in a few years time to update the look

- The fabric can become dirty and marked quite easily, especially if there are younger children using the chairs.  To overcome this look for models with removable covers, like the Ali chair, so you can take the covers to dry cleaners as needed.

> Look At: Ali

A Happy Compromise- Polyurethane or Timber with an Upholstered Seat
- The seat back is the part that gets handled by grubby hands, by having it in timber or poly, you can simply wipe it down. You then have a padded/upholstered seat for extra padded softness where it counts most!

- Normally padded seat covers won’t be removable for dry cleaning, so if they do get marked you will need to spot clean them.

> Look At:   Oltre-B Ava 3.jpg

Leather Upholstered Chairs
- Comfortable, they will normally have a layer of padding underneath the leather
- Low Maintenance, leather is easy to care for; it can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth, or you can use leather cleaners
- Leather chairs are stylish, they can be very modern looking, whilst still being comfortable, leather chairs seem to strike this balance really well.
- Leather will warm up a room like fabric, and provide a break in all the hard surfaces
- Leather chairs work well with all types of tables, glass, timber, poly or marble

- High Quality leather may cost a little more, however they will last a long time and they are a good investment

> Look At: Roma, Lexi, Kell, Mia Rea Dama

- Normally super comfortable.
- They look generous and inviting
- Armchairs are great to look at, they often have sleigh legs, or a feature on the arms and the styles often have a timeless design quality.
- They can add a sense of ‘formalness’ to the dining table, it is common to have armchairs at either end of the dining table, like traditional ‘carver’s chairs’.
- You can pull them away from the table and use them as feature armchairs in a bedroom or study, then bring them back when you need extra seats for guests




- They are heavier then regular chairs, so harder to pull in and out; they are also slightly harder to get in and out of, as the arm means you need to push the chair right back.


- They will generally be wider or bulkier then armless chairs, and you may not have enough room around the table, having one at each end is a great option when this is the case.


> Look At: Vera Ana

Stylists Chair Picks:

Ali: If you're looking for a dining chair that is comfortable, stylish and timeless, the Roma is definitely my pick. Understated with simple, clean lines, the Roma fits into any interior style from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional. With slim legs and sleek Italian leather upholstery, the Roma is not only comfortable for those dinners that go to all hours of the morning, but they are easy to wipe clean in the morning. The leather colour range features classic black or white, a warm dark brown and for a bit of fun, a pop of red. I particularly like to create contrast by pairing black chairs around a glossy white table or vise versa for a unique twist.


Eliza: My pick is the Divina chair; it’s light, modern and funky.  It’s not upholstered but it’s made from soft polyurethane so it’s soft enough to sit on for long dinners. I like the angles and the handle cut out, it makes it easy to move around when needed, I move my chairs between the dining room and the study in my little apartment! I also like the contrasting black and white on the front and back, it’s a great way to work the contrast look into my dining setting, and it would work equally well with a white, black or grey table, or even a glass table.  I like to recommend the Divina for modern apartments, and casual dining areas, its particularly ideal for young families as its easy enough to wipe down if the kids drop something.

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Bedroom Style - Get The Look

Published By: Eliza Williams

"Sleek & Sophisticated"

Often when we look at funky modern rooms we think it is best left for the hotels or at least, those without ‘stuff’, but some clever basics and a little thought can mean anyone can achieve the clean lines of a modern look.


> Storage, Storage, Storage! It’s not that people who go for this look have less stuff, they have clever storage! Look closely at the image, the backdrop is a large wardrobe, the bed features under-bed storage & the bedsides contain deep drawers, it’s easy to be uncluttered if you have somewhere to store your stuff!


> Monotone not monotonous: how do you make black and white jump? A restrained use of pattern, texture and colour; note the cushions, one graphic, one textured and one metallic, bringing a central focal point to the bed that is dynamic and interesting.


> Sharp Lines: The reason this room pulls off the look so well is the straight lines, the horizontal elements (the bed, lamp, pillow & quilt) are contrasted by the vertical elements (wardrobe doors & coat rack), this is enhanced by the simplicity of the black, white and grey & is the reason why the unexpected elements pack such a punch.


> POP: the bright patterned towel jumps out at you because its different, it features a burst of bright colours and jagged lines, a direct contrast to the rest of the room (the towel is the stylists own, available through Missoni).


> Personality: who lives here? The bedside features just a couple of items but enough to make you curious about the personality behind the room.  If you are going for this pared back look, be selective with the items you display, if only a couple are on display they will say as much about you as having shelves of knick knacks.  The unusual orange rhino suggests someone with a surprising playful character.


> Make it liveable: This look is strongest if it is kept clutter free; the basic elements in the room are designed to allow this to happen. Does your partner prefer to throw their towel on the floor rather then hang it up? Rather than berate them for it every time, make life easy, give them somewhere to throw it, the

Kari coat rack

turns wet towels into artwork!




Recreate this look using the

Armadi wardrobe

with grey glass doors. This provides fantastic storage and can be used to add atmosphere to the room with the dramatic dark glass (also available in other sizes & colours). The

Cassetti storage bed

perfect for those who want to achieve the sleek & sophisticated look, or those who simply need more storage! The

Kari coat rack

always useful for throwing clothes or towels in the bedroom, a bonus is its sculptural look & it takes up very little space. The

360 lamp

ideal for reading in bed, it can be adjusted every which way while the strong lines work well for the modern room, it is also a popular desk lamp.

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Bedroom Style- Modern Luxe

Published By: Eliza Williams upload.jpg

The Modern Luxe look is easy to achieve, and brings a little much needed luxury back into the bedroom.  Walking into a beautiful bedroom at the end of the day can have such a positive effect on your mood and your ability to wind down and relax.  It may take an extra minute or two in the morning to arrange the pillows, but when you come home to a beautiful, calm space in the evening you will feel relaxed, enjoy a better sleep and feel more in control, regardless of what’s happing in the outside world.

> Layers, Texture & Palette: The warmth and interest is created through the layering of materials, patterns and textures.  To ensure the look is united rather than haphazard, a palette of warm tones is kept simple, based around golden browns with grey tone accents.
> Materials: To keep this look from being flat, a variety of materials were mixed, the rawness of the leather and timber grain side table is contrasted by the glass of the wardrobe and the chrome elements. The warm beige tone of the wardrobe ensures it complements the setting.
> Storage: The wardrobe in this room features sliding glass doors, this is ideal for rooms with less space.  Placing the bed in front of the wardrobe is an idea that can be used at home, it creates a feature wall style backdrop to the bed, and a form of ‘walk in robe’ space, just look for beds that are designed to be free standing, upholstered beds or beds with a significant head board will normally work best. The Romolo works particularly well due to the subtle leather detailing on the rear of the bed that adds an unexpected and interesting layer to this room.
> Cushions: Having lots of cushions on the bed is key to creating a relaxing haven; they are inviting, cosy and create that sense of luxury.  Having a variety of sizes, patterns or textures & materials will create a dynamic look; this look features various sizes that are highlighted in leather & woven textures.
> Full Length Mirror: an essential element in every bedroom, if you do not have one inside a wardrobe door or in a dressing room, look at free standing options such as the Trevi, Contempo or the Maya which is perfect if space is limited.
> Extra Shelves: The Cruz leather side tables look perfect at the foot of the bed, they complement the leather detailing on the Romolo, and provided extra storage for displaying personal effects or providing a place to put all those cushions at night.  Having an ottoman such as the stark, a bench or storage at the end of the bed is perfect for large bedrooms; it helps fill the space in the centre of the room giving the bedroom a fuller look.

Recreate this bedroom look using the Citi sliding door wardrobe (also available in alternative sizes & colours), the Romolo bed; with cushioned headboard & leather detailing. The Romolo upholstered bed is perfect for those who like to read in bed or want a softer, more inviting look. The Trevi mirror stand is a full length mirror that features a tri-pod style stand.  The Cruz leather side tables are the perfect size when placed together at the end of the bed, they provided some open storage to display personal items.  The Pelle folding stool provided a beautiful bedside with the timber grain adding texture & the crossed style legs adding shape and interest.  The lamp features a warm shade and a chrome base that perfectly complements the wardrobe, available in store only. Cushions & felt basket available in store, accessories are the stylists own.


"Secret to Success"

The secret to the success of a well-designed bedroom is making sure you have plenty of storage to hide the things that just don’t need to be on display. Make use of your vertical space and fill a wall with a tall 2.4m wardrobe. This can house your spare linen, blankets and towels as well as your hanging and folded clothes. The flexibility to customise your wardrobe to include features like a pants or tie rack, drawers and single or double hanging, means you can have the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

Another secret to the successful design of your bedroom is to see the potential in your bedroom furniture. The Cassetti Dresser, for example, is not only a great place to apply makeup, but it can also store your folded clothes or linen and be used as a desk when you need to jump online with your laptop. Bedsides like the tall Cassetti, allow you to think outside the box and utilise it to store socks, underwear or accessories. By limiting the amount of items on display in your bedroom, and knowing that everything has its place, you will immediately feel calm, relaxed and content.

> View Wardrobe options

> View Bedroom Storage options

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Good Day Adwena.


My apologies for not returning your call last week. I have been interstate on business and every time I have time to return calls it is either before or after your store trading hours. I just wanted you to know that we absolutely love our dining setting. We had family over on the week end and they too were all super impressed. In addition we want you and the owners of the business to know that Frances and I were ecstatic with the service provided by Taylor and his team. In particular, Taylor. He is worth his weight in Gold. He single handedly made sure that all the issues we had were sorted in a flash, with a smile and expertise. Trust me, after waiting 4 months for an expensive furniture setting and having it damaged, it all could have turned very nasty. He is a tremendous asset to your business and believe me, Frances and I have very high expectations. I have run 4 national retail chains and he is a rare individual. I would have him in my business tomorrow if he was available. To top it all off, I have today noticed that you credited my account on 27 May with a sum of money that is generous and without even waiting for us to ask for it. Once again, Taylor delivered on his promise with your help. From the time we walked into your store way back in Mid January and met with you, to today, you and your staff have delivered top class and very friendly, knowledgeable service. Frances and I have been recommending your company to every friend and family member we come in contact with. So a huge thanks to you Adwena and please pass on our most sincere thanks and well wishes to Taylor. It was a pleasure to share time with him in our home that Saturday morning two weeks ago, on his day off. He cared enough to leave his family, drive seperately from his team to meet with us and make sure everything that could be done to delight us, was done. He achieved that in spades. Our most sincere thanks and gratitude.


Two very impressed and now loyal customers.


Peter and Frances.


Dear Michelle


I would like to thank you immensely for all your help with the organisation of the installation of the Viano. What should have been a smooth installation became complex, however with your endless help, you made it happen. You are an asset to Beyond furniture and I do hope you pass this on to your management. Your constant attention to ensuring everything turned out in the end, was better than any other service I ever received. All you wanted to achieve was full customer satisfaction, and that was accomplished. I admire your persistance to ensure others did the job right. Thank you again for everything. I would certainly recommend Beyond furniture on the very basis of you.


All the very best for Christmas and very happy new year.


Kind Regards,




I have just completed the survey but would like to acknowledge again how professional, knowledgeable and friendly Michelle from Crows Nest store was - I have never had such great customer service and would definitely purchase from Michelle again. She did everything correctly and the whole process went very smoothly.


The delivery men were again fantastic. Nothing was a trouble to them. They set up our shelving professionally and when I asked if I could change my mind and have the lounge put in a different position (lounge was heavy) they just did it for me without hesitation - just fantastic and very clean - no mess, took off their shoes when they came in (new apartment and carpet) without me having to ask. I wish I could remember their names but the head fellow was from Allawah and very knowledgeable and enjoyed very much working for you as did Michelle so congratulations as not everybody these days can say that about the firm that employs them.


Kind Regards,




Hi there Michelle – understand that you were away on holidays when our stuff was delivered. Just wanted to drop you a note – the guys who did the delivery did an absolutely terrific job. They were very patient, worked extremely hard and very efficiently.


The head guy was “Wade” but can’t recall the other guy’s name. I don’t always think that these guys get the credit they deserve so thought it was worth dropping you a note - as you know access to our place is a challenge.


Yes – furniture looks great so of course appreciate your assistance as well.


All the best.


Seaforth, NSW.



Newcastle, NSW.


"Kate, what exeptional, warm, friendly .. and just absolutly brilliant service I have recieved from beyond furniture.. kate I really appreciated your friendly, knowledgable attentive [though non intrusive] assistance and support last weekend in choosing a mattress.


The company is very lucky to have you working for them, and its obvious you love what you do, and love to give an excellant service. marco and I really noticed and commented on how absolutly nothing was too much trouble for you.. and boy we kept you busy... our questions... and there were many... were answered with integrety and honesty.


The arrangement that you and Lan have facillitated is truely very generous and trusting and goes way "beyond" the expectations of usual customer service... I'm blown away by it!!!please thank Lan very very much... I'm sure 4 weeks will be ample time Kate, I appreciate the extra week... that really ought to clinch it i think!!! A very big thank you to natasha too... she was marvelous, and again very honest..


It goes without saying, that I will most definatly be recommending your store to friends and to everyone I know... I will complete the form and forward to you, and I hope that we meet you again when we collect. "

Sydney, NSW.


"I’m writing this letter to let you know about the positive experience I had with your organization. Everybody I had any dealings with in your company was friendly, professional and highly competent: the sales team, the staff in administration as well as the installers.


I have to single out Kirsten Moore. I recently bought an apartment in Rose Bay and decided to furnish the space from scratch, and looked to buy from a single store for the sake of creating a central theme, and for the sake of ease. I narrowed down my search to three stores whose furniture I liked, but became discouraged at the lack of sales assistance, design expertise, and total inflexibility when it came to matters such as delivery and installation times.


Almost as a last attempt to find a company I could feel comfortable with, I visited your Crows Nest shop with my partner, and was fortunate enough to be assisted by Kirsten Moore. All we had was our thoughts on what we wanted to achieve, and a floor-plan of the space. Kirsten advised us with skill and patience. She listened to us, and combined with her design expertise and suggestions, we were able to select everything we needed over the course of a few days. We were given an easy-to-understand spreadsheet that laid out what we had ordered, and when delivery could be expected. Kirsten accommodated us with delivery times and dates, and solved a few small problems that arose (inevitable with any big order) promptly, and always with good grace. She was always available to assist us (even on her days off) and was never difficult to contact.


I have lived in Australia for 12 years, and this is the first time I am writing a letter such as this. My experience with Kirsten and Beyond has been in such stark contrast with what I have experienced with many other companies, that I decided that I ought to write to you to say Thank You.


We are very happy with the quality, value and appearance of the Beyond furniture in our apartment, and are grateful for the positive interactions we had with the entire team at Beyond. "

Nielen Brummer,
Rose Bay, NSW.


"I very much appreciate the professional manner in which you and your staff have helped me from the minute I stepped into the showroom. I also appreciate your integrity in honouring...without hesitation on your part ... all your promises. You have given 'good old fashioned service' for which I thank you. I am promoting "Beyond Furniture" wherever and whenever appropriate and wish you well in the opening of your new store, I love your products and hope to buy more in the future."
Carolyn Love,
Lane Cove.


 "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for replying promptly. You are people of honour and integrity and you have definitely kept your word...your customer service is second to none and if my friends or I require furniture in the future I will not hesitate in providing your name as the first recommendation to them. Again, many thanks and I wish you all the best."
George Christofis,


 "Thank you for keeping me updated for the furniture I bought from you, I really appreciate your customer service. Your patience in helping me choosing the furniture and accessories really moved me; your professionalism made my life much easier. Now I really enjoy having Beyond Furniture in my home. I will have no hesitation to recommend my friends to buy from you in the future."
Susan Spencer,
 "I bought your brand of furniture five years ago from somewhere else, I found the quality is excellent, and it still looks new. I have been looking for the same furniture to match it for a long time. Finally I found you guys, I am so happy, everything is matching. I am really impressed with your wonderful customer service; I wish you every success in your business, you deserve it"
Bindoo khastoui,
Dear Louise,

The purpose of writing this email is to send my sincere appreciation for Lisa Williams.
In my dealings with Beyond Furniture during the purchase of a bedroom suite (this being our first interstate purchase) Lisa has always been willing to assist me.
In my experience employees who provide quality customer service of a high calibre tend to be employees who are a true asset to an organization.
I commend both Ms Williams and your organization for the value of service provided and I feel grateful to be one of your customers.
Based on the service I received from Ms Williams I will not hesitate to recommend Beyond Furniture to any of my friends.
Thanks & kind regards,
Hello Caroline

Received the lounge last Wednesday and un-packed it Thursday night.  It is nicer then I ever expected.

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance in purchasing my beautiful lounge.
I hope your company knows what a great asset you are for them.

Kind regards
Hi Natalie

You are a wonderful communicator.  Thanks...sure builds trust with your

I did recieve the courier confirmation today.

Talk to you on Sunday.   Morning would probably be best.

Thank you.

Thanks Gabrielle

Please thank the team (including yourself) for the service provided. I can highly recommend your company & have done so.

Hi Michelle,

the guys arrived with my furniture yesterday afternoon and put it together for me. They were very good and I'm really pleased with the results. I just wanted to thank you again for your assistance in changing my original order (the larger bedside units would not have fitted), and for your suggestions for the tv unit and bookcase.

I'm not sure if I'll be ordering anything else (it's only a small unit), but will certainly have no reservations in recommending you.

Thank you again.

Warm regards
Hi Caroline,
Thanks for the update and the tips on the cleaning and maintenance of the surface.
Thanks for all your help and as I mentioned on Sunday I am really please with all the other pieces and the service received from both yourself and the two guys who delivered and assembled.
Hi Caroline,

I'd just like to let you know delivery and installation went smoothly on Sat and everything looks great.

Thank you for the extremely easy and stress free experience, we'll defintely recommend Beyond Furniture to our friends!


Our new bedroom furniture was delivered yesterday. It looks great and fits perfectly.
Thankyou for your assistance and support.
Please also extend our appreciation to the two delivery operatives – they were on time, courteous, professional and tidy.

All in all the experience of dealing with Beyond Furniture has been an enjoyable one and we hope to have many years of service from our purchase.

Good Morning Bernard,

Thank you for helping us to have a beautiful furniture for our new home.
Thank you for your Friendly & Excellent Service.
I have already recommended you to a few of my friends.

To the Sales Manager,
I have, over the recent weeks, placed a reasonably large order with you. 
I would like to commend Tom for his assistance and friendly advice, and particularly Louise who has been infinitely patient and knowledgable over the phone, when I needed to change a couple of things and clarify things.  She went out of her way to be helpful.
Your  shops and displays are a credit to you, and it is a pleasure to shop with you.
Hi Alex,
This is Nancy I bought a Grey glass TV Cabinet DFD815 on 
the 17/10/08.
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the cabinet, its looks 
great, and the service.  From the phone call on the Sunday giving me 
the time for the delivery to the two nice guys that delivered it, set 
 it up and took the box away.  Also thank you very much for the great 
 magazine rack, it matches perfectly.
I was very impressed, it was a pleasure doing business with you, I 
will be telling all my friends, and certainly shopping there again.
All the best to you and the girls

With thanks

Thanks Amy for your time, effort, customer service and prompt replies.   Be great dealing with you.
Please fwd me your one up's email address and I will acknowledge your efforts or alternatively, fwd this onto your one up manager and CC me in the email.

Hi Louise,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for replacing my glass table top. It looks so much better now and I am being extra careful by covering it when in use.

Your customer service is excellent and I am always recommending Beyond�Furniture to anyone looking for new pieces.

Looking forward to continuing our shopping with you.

Kind regards
Good Morning Kevin

Would just like to say that we had our Dining table and Buffet delivered to our home yesterday. We would like compliment your delivery boys on there great service!
Our home has very difficult access and they were very patient and helpful through the whole process. Nothing was a trouble for them and Tyler was obviously very experienced at his job.

Please pass on our thanks and comments to your superiors, the furniture looks great and the whole process has been a smooth one, from purchasing in the store with you  thru to the delivery to our home.

Thanks Again!

Kind Regards

Peter& Marea
Gymea Bay



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