About Us

The concept of Beyond Furniture was first discussed when friends (now business partners) noticed an absence of well designed, high quality, affordable modern European styled furniture on the Australian domestic market. They embarked on a research trip and met with two international furniture design and manufacturing groups, specialising in modern European furniture, exactly the quality and style they were looking for. They spent time visiting the manufacturing facilities and were satisfied that these manufacturers were building furniture with the utmost quality and attention to detail, and designing furniture with a versatility that suited the Australian market.

Beyond Furniture was established in 2003 as part of the groups exclusive dealer in Australia, to import directly from the manufacturers. This factory to retail store model ensures the company great advantage to offer customers the competitive prices with great design and quality.

Our goal has always been to help our customers find the furniture style they love, the functionality and comfort they can enjoy,  we do this by taking overseas trips multiple times a year to find the latest and greatest designs and make it available to our clients, we now import furniture from Europe (Italy & Germany) & Asia, we also sell local paintings and rugs.

We’ve experienced some bad services as a consumer, especially in follow-up and after sale service, the process is complicated and disconnected from sales to delivery. We don’t want our customers to go through that process when shopping with us. We have established a service focused team of staff to ensure our service is highly efficient. Every individual in our team is an expert in their field, from the highly trained sales team, to our Interior Designers who work on the floor and are available to speak directly with our customers, to our admin team, equipped with the best technology, who work tirelessly to ensure the ordering and delivery systems run seamlessly, and our own friendly delivery and service team who deliver, assemble and assist all our customers in the Sydney delivery region.

We are a company who thrives on building long term relationships; relationships with outstanding suppliers, relationships within our company, and most importantly long term relationships with our customers. We see repeat business and referrals as our major measure of success, and value the relationships and friendships we have established over the years. We have a young, dynamic team who are highly passionate about the company, helping our customers and design.

The Business Owners: Two friends with backgrounds in trade, management and hospitality had a conversation regarding the service and product quality gap in the market when one needed new furniture for her house. This led to further research and an overseas trip to find manufacturers of unique furniture pieces with great quality, suitable for the Australian market leading to the launch of Beyond Furniture in 2003. Their combined experience in running businesses has taught them that finding the right product is no guarantee of success, it’s the people who make it happen, and creating the best customer experience is their first priority. They established a team around them who are passionate about service, furniture and design and who share their values.

The Administration Team: Investment in our systems and integrated technology has allowed us to establish a seamless ordering, dispatch & customer service system. Our tireless admin team work hard to ensure that when you make an enquiry with us we can tell you exactly what’s in stock, and where, how far away it is if it’s on back order, when you can expect it, when dispatch is, all records of payments and any purchase history is stored, all on one centralised system, if you call any store, we can get you the information you need.

The Design Team: The design team consists of both our qualified Interior Design staff that carry out our Interior Decoration Service, as well as our graphics and web development team. The Design team can assist customers with finding furniture solutions for whole homes, or just rooms (see more on our Interior Design Service), they can assist with fitting out display or rental properties for commercial clients, and they produce the graphics and media related work.

Get to know our design team further, follow their blog on www.blognblogs.com

The Sales Team: The sales team are selected for their ability to solve problems for customers and their understanding of design principles, so it should come as no surprise to hear that many of our Sales team are Interior Designers or have Interior Decorating experience. They have been relentlessly trained on our range of products and potential options, if there is a solution to be found in our range, they will help you find it! We also endeavour to offer a more personalised level of service; we know that furniture purchases take time, thought and consideration, when you shop at Beyond Furniture, your sales person will become your personal contact, you will receive their email address and they will be your main point of contact throughout your sales process and post-sale.

The Delivery & Service Team: Our delivery and service team have been with us for years and we think they are just fantastic. From a customer service point of view, we know the delivery and service team will leave the most lasting impression in our customer’s heads, as they enter your zone- your lovely homes, so we place great importance on their knowledge and training so they can handle any assembly questions and assist you. As standard our delivery team deliver, assemble and take all packaging away, we also understand how busy your day is, we will call and give you a 3 hour time frame for the delivery the day prior, and the delivery and service team will call you on approach.

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