Modern Alicante Dining Table by BoConcept

The modern extendable Alicante dining table by BoConcept acts as a room statement as well as a functional everyday essential. With its practical design, cater for those extra guests. Customers are first struck by its sculptural V-shaped base. The base is functional in that its aperture gifts any room a sense of space and lightens the design. The shape also removes the obstruction, allowing for more legroom and creating a more free dining experience. The tabletop is sleek, conjuring a striking contrast, and is available in an array of finishes. The top can be ordered in a fixed-dimension or two extendable versions. And to fit the homes of its broad customer base, the Alicante design is versatile enough to adapt to most modern homes. Choose from a variety of durable and smooth finish tabletops including; Walnut veneer; Light marble ceramic; Matt White lacquered; Charcoal Grey lacquered; Dark Grey stone ceramic; Light Grey stone ceramic; Espresso oak veneer and White glass. Customise to suit your space and style.

Alicante extendable dining table
alicante dining table light marble ceramic

Alicante Walnut Veneer dining table

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