Fiori Leather Sofa

The Fiori sofa is one of our most popular items both with staff and customers, and with good reason.  The Fiori has a classic contemporary look that can suit most interior styles and it’s amongst the most comfortable of our sofas.  The Fiori’s construction, with the panelled leather also means it will retain it’s look for years to come.  Leather is a natural material that will stretch slightly over time, the use of the smaller pieces of leather, quilted together allows the Fiori to retain it’s ‘as new’ look for longer, as those smaller pieces of leather will not stretch out as much or as quickly.  In addition to this, the pockets of feathers in the seat (one of the reason’s it is so comfortable) stay within their square, so the Fiori will also resist the ‘sat in’ hole that appears after time.

With the Fiori chaise sofa on sale at the moment we thought we would reveal some of our favourite Fiori ‘at home looks’, to show you how the Fiori can adapt to any style.  Below we see modern contemporay, classic, retro mod, beachy and formal.


Check out the Fiori Custom Sofa

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