Cowhide Leather Stripes White Rug



Made from real cowhide, this rug is made up of strips of white cowhide pieced together. This beautiful, natural rug adds texture and warmth to any space, the white finish is bright and neutral.




  • The natural cowhide brings fantastic texture to any room.
  • The’stripes’ construction means you can get the look of natural cow hide in a classic rectangle shape – perfect for living rooms or under the dining room tables.
  • Cowhide rugs are very low maintenance, spills or accidents can be scrubbed out which makes them a fabulous option for young families, homes with pets, or in the dining room.

Rugs normally have a lead time of 1-3 weeks. We will call you after you place your order to confirm a delivery date.

Width:1600 mm
Depth: 2300 mm
Width:2000 mm
Depth: 3000 mm
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