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The Fuji vase by Serax Belgium puts the focus on the flower itself. The porcelain vase serves as a steady base from which the flower can flourish. It draws the attention to the flower’s ability to delicately grow towards the sun. The vase is named after Mount Fuji in Japan.


Color stained porcelain


  • The Fuji vase is only seven centimeters high. Because of its low center of mass and relatively wide ground surface, the small vase can prevent its flower from toppling over.
  • Inside the vase the flower is supported to stand up straight and can easily hold a flower up to one meter.
  • The Fuji vase looks beautiful on its own as a sculptural piece to create a Scandi style vignette, even when used without a flower in it. Or use it in a group for a unique floral display.

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Width:150 mm
Height: 70 mm
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