Made in Italy. The Best of Both Worlds. The ‘Etoile’ natural memory foam mattress is an ideal balance between the support of Grand Soleil Monocell foam and the pressure relieving properties and comfort of natural memory foam.  The mattress is constructed from 11cm of Monocell foam on the bottom, for superior support which matches the bodies movement perfectly; on top is 7cm of NaturMemory Foam (Visco-Elastic), a heat sensitive foam that shapes perfectly to your body, it provides superior pressure relief and comfort. The laser cut surface is zoned into 7 core zones to correspond and react to key parts of the body.

Breathable and Anti-Allergenic, unlike traditional visco elastic on the market, NaturMemory is remarkable for its composition based on sunflower oil and water. It is odourless and also “breathes”: qualities obtained by a special working process that gives it an open cell structure. This features make NaturMemory a anallergic and antibacterial material.Grand Soiel Monocell FoamThe composing cells of the the Monocell foam structure are all the same size, resulting in a material that supports the body and matches the bodies movements perfectly, assuring a regenerative and comfortable sleep.  The Grand Soleil Monocell Foam is made from renewable resources and is odourless, anti-allergenic, antibacterial and breathable.

The Visco 'Etoile' mattress has the following key benefits:

  • The first natural oil based memory foam
  • 7 core support zones
  • Grand Soleil open cell structure
  • Monocell base for great support
  • Combined with natural memory foam for comfort

Available to purchase in King and Queen, comes with the SleepDry cover. King size consists of 2 cores housed inside one King Size cover, the seam can not be felt. Please contact us to order Double or King Single size or to order with an alternative cover.

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Width: 1850 mm
Depth: 2030 mm
Height: 180 mm


Width: 1520 mm
Depth: 2030 mm
Height: 180 mm

If the item you ordered is in stock, it will be delivered within a week, if it is a sold out item, it may take 14-16 weeks to get here from our Italian factory.


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