Made in Italy. The Zefiro mattress is made entirely from Grand Soleil foam, an innovative foam made from renewable resources including sunflower, soy and wrap oils and water. The tubes technology means a constant passage of air is moving through the mattress forming a healthy sleep environment free from bacteria and moulds. Zefiro is entirely metal free, the tubes provide superior support with a comfort layer of Naturmemory foam for a deep sleep, and to ease pressure points. The Zefiro Mattress has the following key benefits:

  • Patented Tubes technology for aeration
  • 7 Core Support Zones
  • Grand Soleil Open Cell Structure
  • Triocell base and Tubes for support and felxibility
  • Combined with natural memory foam for comfort

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A breathable mattress.
Every year, in average, we lose up to 200 litres of perspiration while resting, moisture that goes straight into the mattress. With Zefiro and Tubes® technology the moisture is dispersed through vertical aeration channels, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and allergens. Zefiro is like a constant breath of freshness ensuring a comfortable and perfectly hygienic microclimate.

Tubes®: the perfect climate for your rest
The Tubes® system uses aeration channels to eliminate moisture quickly. The Tubes® tubular elements are coloured according to the degree of firmness. Tubes® technology means no more metal inside the mattress and therefore no more static electricity (electromagnetic fields) caused by coils, resulting in deeper and more restful sleep.

NaturMemory- The Original Memory Foam (Visco Elastic) made from renewable resources
A Perfect Anatomic Support

NaturMemory is a heat sensitive foam (memory foam, visco elastic) that shapes up perfectly to your body. Ideal for pressure relieving as it models itself and adapts perfectlyto the natural curves of the body, distributing the weight over the entire supporting surface. It relieves the pressure on the areas that bear the greater load, ensuring great comfort and relaxation, whatever position the body assumes.

Available to purchase in King and Queen size, with your choice of cover.

King size consists of 2 cores housed inside one King Size cover, the seam can not be felt.


Width: 1850 mm
Depth: 2030 mm
Height: 180 mm
Width: 1520 mm
Depth: 2030 mm
Height: 180 mm


Width: 1380 mm
Depth: 1880 mm
Height: 180 mm
Width: 1070 mm
Depth: 2030mm
Height: 180 mm
This is a stocked item so delivery is normally within 1-2 weeks. We will call you after you place your order to schedule your delivery.


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