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Made in Italy. Technology, innovation and comfort make this a top-of-the-range product, the structure is based on a combination of three different sized cells, 1/3 large for support, 1/3 medium for balanced pressure and 1/3 small for comfort. Based on Grand Soleil foam, the Triocell is natural and made from renewable resources. The complex grid of vertical and horizontal cuts forms the 7 core zones. The surface has a diamond shaped surface that provides a unique sleep sensation. Read more about the benefits…

The Triocell mattress is ideal for people who understand the importance of sleeping well and has the following key benefits:

  • Diamond grid design to relieve pressure points
  • 7 core support zones
  • Grand Soleil open-cell structure
  • 3 types of cells for support, balanced pressure and comfort
  • Choice of Soft, Medium or Firm
  • The Triocell has been a favourite amongst our customers, and our staff members!

Available to purchase in King and Queen, soft, medium or firm choices and comes with the SleepDry cover as standard.

The King size consists of 2 cores housed inside one King Size cover, the seam can not be felt.

Please contact us to order Double or King Single sizes or to order with an alternative cover.


Width: 1850 mm
Depth: 2030 mm
Height: 180 mm


Width: 1520 mm
Depth: 2030 mm
Height: 180 mm


Width: 1380 mm
Depth: 1880 mm
Height: 180 mm

King Single

Width: 1070 mm
Depth: 2030 mm
Height: 180 mm

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