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This pillow is made from Dorsal's Grand Soleil open-cell foam, and is designed to ensure even distribution of pressure, making this pillow particularly comfortable.

The special contour shape of this pillow with two levels relieves pressure on the neck and shoulders giving anatomical support and aiding relaxation.

  • Made fron Grand Soleil Triocell open-celled foam
  • The pillow is shaped to contour to the neck and head to provide cervical support
  • The 'soap' shape is a traditional pillow shape
  • Comes with a washable 100%jersey cotton cover
  • Available in a choice of heights for personal comfort
  • Non-allergenic and antibacterial, ideal for allergy sufferers
  • The pillow is washable


Soap High

Height: 15cm

Contour High

Height: 12cm

Soap Low

Height: 13cm

Contour Low

Height: 10cm

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