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Zefiro Pillow- The Pillow that Breathes with you.

The Zefiro pillow is based on sunflower seed oil and water and features Dorsal's innovative Tube technology. The tubes form ventilation channels that disperse humidity and help create a fresh and healthy sleep environment.

The tubes are made from a softer foam then the Zefiro mattress core, for excellent comfort and to provide the perfect level of resistance and support for your neck. The tubes are housed inside a SoftCare and cotton cover, a removeable and highly breathible cover in cotton elasten and soft care foam; the cover helps to distribute pressure and to ensure a great comfort for face and neck.

  • The latest innovation in pillows, joining the Zefiro mattress range
  • Patented Tubes technology allows aeration and disperses humidity, keeping the pillow dry and hygienic
  • Comes with a washable softcare and cotton cover
  • The elasticity of the Tubes provides optimal support
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

Zefiro is suitable for all sleeping positions: face up, face down, to the side


Width: 720 mm
Depth: 380 mm
Height: 120 mm


Width: 720 mm
Depth: 380 mm
Height: 80 mm


Width: 720 mm
Depth: 380 mm
Height: 80 mm
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