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Modern Extendable Dining Tables Sydney

If you have a big family, or usually have guests over for dinner, an extendable dining table could be the perfect solution for you. Our extendable dining tables come in a range of different styles and materials to choose from, so whatever you are seeking, we will help you find it! An extendable dining table will always keep your dining room neat and tidy, whenever it is used, you can extend the table to its full size then put it back when you are done.

Choose the right extendable dining table for your dining room

When looking for an extendable dining table, it is essential to keep in mind a few things to ensure you are choosing the right one for your home. There are some things you may need to consider such as what shape is your dining space, and what the size of the room is. Our extendable dining tables come in a range of shapes and sizes so it’s no problem finding what is suitable for your home. Also, finding the right colour table is important, so the extendable dining table fits well with the room’s current décor.

Buy modern extendable dining tables online

Our modern extendable dining tables can be purchased through our online store. We would love for you to come and visit one of our furniture stores in Sydney, where our lovely staff would advise you individually and help you find the ideal dining table for your home. Our own professional team will deliver and assemble the dining table for you, hassle free. We ensure that all of our customers are kept satisfied. Delivery time is usually between 10 to 12 weeks.

Looking For more Extendable dining tables? Shop through our associated brand BoConcept's modern collection of extendable dining tables.

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Granada - white round extendable dining table Sydney

Granada Extendable Wooden Dining Table by BoConcept

The Granada dining table by BoConcept brings style and an urban atmosphere to your dining room. This Scandinavian style round dining table is perfect for an informal setting in the dining area. The sturdy pedestal base provides better legroom and gives it a more distinctive look. Need more seating? Use ...
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Monza - Glass Dining Table Sydney

Monza Extendable Glass Dining Table by BoConcept

The Monza extendable dining table by BoConcept presents an elegant Scandinavian design for your dining room. With a range of customisable options, you are able to adjust the look of the Monza dining table to suit your own style. It comes in a range of tabletops including colored or clear ...
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New York modern dining table

New York Small Round Glass Dining Table by BoConcept

The New York dining table by BoConcept is elegant and compact dining table perfect for small homes and living spaces. It features a round tabletop, along with a slender, round base. The New York table is available in two varied sizes; 80cm and 100cm diameter table tops. You can choose ...
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Torino modern black dining table

Torino Wooden Conference Table by BoConcept

The Torino conference table by BoConcept features an elegant and stylish design. It is the ultimate piece of minimalist furniture and fits right into the Scandinavian style. The monochrome look and clean lines create an elegant from while the narrow table top is perfect for corporate offices. It comes in ...
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Vancouver modern dining table

Vancouver Wooden Dining Table by BoConcept

The Vancouver table by BoConcept feature is an angular, minimalistic dining table that is comprised of a two-piece top with plank-cut oak or walnut look. The new veneer adds a more natural look and invokes the feeling of sitting at a long, planked table. To complete the industrial look, the ...
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Billund modern functional dining table

Billund Small Round Wooden Dining Table by BoConcept

The Billund table by BoConcept expresses a beautiful Scandinavian style while combine flexibility and functionality in one neat package. It can be used as a dining table for get-togethers, or as a console table or smaller dining table for one or two people. It’s innovative ‘flip-top’ is designed to let ...
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Milano Metropolitan dining table

Milano Metropolitan Glass Dining Table

The Milano metropolitan Dining table by BoConcept features an intelligent design along with perfect proportion and innovative details. Combine beauty with quality, this modern dining table features an easy to use extension lever than transition the 4-people dining table, to an enormous 10-seater, so you can have a dinner party ...
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Milano Scandinavian dining table

Milano Scandinavian Wooden Dining Table by BoConcept

The Milano Scandinavian dining table features clean lines along with a streamlined appearance. It brings a beautiful Scandinavian style to your dining area, as it can be extended from a 4-person dining table to a large dinner party seating up to 10 people. The Milano dining table can be customised ...
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Ottawa Dining Table

Ottawa dining table by BoConcept

Designed by Karim Rashid, his beautiful Ottawa dining set for BoConcept won a Red Dot Award. It features a simple and elegant design, offering a beautiful Scandinavian look for your dining area. Available in a range of high quality tabletops including oak veneer and matt white lacquered, the Ottawa dining ...
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