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“Relaxed and Casual”


> Storage Wall Units: A great idea for big homes or small, the storage wall units such as the Bronte and the Vedi combine open storage, concealed storage and integrate media options. In big homes, or open spaces use a large wall unit to frame an area, run them the length of the living room boundary to contain the space. In small homes maximise your storage by filling a wall with a storage unit, you can even run your sofa in front of it if need be, effectively forming a storage wall. The units then provide a platform on which to express yourself, the sections allow you to frame your favourite accessories, and have a variety of styles on display. Integrate indoor plants with your favourite photos, and storage for extra throws and glasses, all in the one unit. If you have small walls or difficult to furnish walls, use floating shelves assembled in a way that you can display books and accessories, turning an empty space into a beautiful feature and a practical storage solution.

> Media Wall Units: Designed with strong lines, and intersecting horizontal planes, the latest range are designed to house your media equipment in a way that complements it, and integrates the latest technology into your living room. The Genova and Viano Series are made up of hanging wall units; low, streamlined benches; open shelving and hanging plasma boards. They are designed to give you access to the components you need, yet integrate them into the furniture so they do not dominate the room.

> Modern, Modular Sofas: Modern forms and generous proportions are given a casual edge with relaxed loose cushions, deep seats and corner configurations for the family to spread out on. Enhance the look with oversized scatter cushions in co-ordinating neutrals and accent cushions in highlight colours. Casually arrange the cushions, and have a throw handy for a relaxed look, and relaxed living. Check out the Rimini or Verona in fabric, or the Arsizio in leather.

> Leather Armchairs: Leather armchairs are a design classic; they never date, regardless of the style you pick. Group 2 together at the edge of a rug to define the boundaries of the living room, or have one, more casually angled for relaxed open spaces. When looking for leather armchairs look for a style that suits the room, if the overall look is modern, stick to chairs with a modern look such as the Pelle, or, for a more formal look, the Seggio. Also look for unique detailing; the latest Beyond Furniture ones each have a unique element, such as the webbed seat back of the Marco and Polo armchairs.

> Coffee Tables & Side Tables: Coffee tables and side tables are both highly useful, and the key to balancing the overall look. The coffee table is crucial to the balance and scale of the room, it usually sits at the centre and it should reflect both the size of the room, and the proportions of the sofa. A too small coffee table will throw off a whole room, so look for a generous size, which suits the space. Side tables are perfect to complete the relaxed look, scatter them around where needed, they are always useful to put your drink on, and they can be moved around the house to suit. Look at the Piccollo version in the new Ash grey, or the new leather Cruz range.

> Rugs: Rugs tie the look together; they set the boundaries of the room, and create a haven within the greater room dimensions. If you have the room, look for a generous size that tucks under the front of the furniture, and look for styles that complement rather then compete with your look. The new range of cow-hide rugs are easy to work in, the single colour palette is enhanced with varying textures, patterns and tones, giving it visual interest without being dominating.

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