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“Furniture that Works Twice as Hard”


Whether you live in a small apartment which requires flexibility, or you just like to have the option of being able to move things around to suit your lifestyle, selecting certain furniture pieces that can do more then one job gives you options, for now and for the future. Having adaptable furniture means it could fulfil a new need in your new home.

Open Sesame

The obvious double duty furniture is the extension dining table; compact for the day to day but able to be extended when you have guests. In many cases, when you extend it, you may have to push something else out of the way, but it’s just for the evening and it’s far better having the option than deciding who not to invite if there isn’t room! The Vola and Massimo tables both extend, the Vola extends on one end, and the Massimo on 2 ends.  If you have an extension table, look for some dining chairs that you can stack up and move out of the way, such as the Divina’s, or have some stools handy as makeshift extra seats, such as the leather cubes. The leather cubes are useful for just about anything around the house, and they can be tucked out of the way, making them the perfect double duty furniture piece!

Think Outside the Box

Furniture does not necessarily have to be used for what the name says, or even what it was designed for.  Side tables often make fantastic bedside tables, they are available in more shapes and sizes and may end up being a better solution then something designed for the job. If you use a side table as your bedside you also have the opportunity to pull it out into the living room when you are entertaining, giving guests somewhere to put their drinks down.  The Piccolo or the Messina are popular options as they are lightweight, and translate well in both purposes.

In terms of storage units don’t be limited by traditional options.  A buffet in the bedroom may be a perfect solution, offering both cupboards and drawers, handy for storing handbags or linen.  The Moby Tall Sideboard has generous proportions and would suit a large bedroom wonderfully.  The Pattino Shoe Cabinet is more commonly purchased as a general purpose storage unit for an entry way then as a shoe cabinet it can store shoes, sports gear, or wine on its adjustable shelves.

Store More

Thinking outside the box when furnishing your home will help solve spatial problems while being cost-effective. For example, if you do not have much kitchen storage and you have an open plan living/dining room, look for a large wall unit for the TV such as the Vedi. Fill the extra shelves with your kitchen overflow and the sliding doors conceal it, solving your storage issue by utilising blank walls in other parts of the house.

If your short on storage look for furniture that provides storage in different ways, so you don’t have to overload your rooms with bookcases and drawers.  Items such as the Cassetti Storage Bed, the Punto & Padova Modular Units and the Cassetti Dresser all integrate storage into its main function.

Also utilise as much vertical space as you can, you can store a huge amount in even a small bookcase or wall unit, consider options with doors, drawers and open display for the most efficient storage solutions.

In the Image (clockwise from top left):

Moby Tall Sideboard – $2450

Punto Stacking Side Table – $2360 (order glossy dark grey in store/phone)

Hula Side Table GDG – $295

Cassetti Dresser GDG – $1395

– Padova 7B Stack of Drawers – $2885 (order in store/phone)

Massimo Grey glass Extension Table – $2585

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