How To Style Your Wall Unit

Styling Your Wall Unit

Is your wall unit looking a bit uninspired? It’s time to add a bit of character to it with the most interesting and engaging spaces being the ones that give a glimpse into the personalities of the people who use them. A blank wall unit is the perfect canvas to start with, you can then begin to add that splash of colour to the room, create balance, add a touch of class or just show off those prized possessions. Use books as art! Find books with a beautiful or unusual covers and display them on book stands or lean them against the bookcase, this creates a similar look as a picture wall with the added benefit of being able to add and evolve the look when you discover new ones.


Lie them down! Create a small stack of books which are arranged by size then add a quirky ornament placed on top in either the same colour or use a contrasting colour.

Squeeze them in! Filling every second or third shelf with a bunch of family books or albums you love, this is a wonderful way of ensuring the wall unit is not only a practical piece but is also a wall full of wonderful memories and stories.


Try to keep the shelves balanced, however this doesn’t mean they need to be symmetrical. Vary the orientation between each shelf from vertical to horizontal to create interest. Also create little groups within colour tones & size but don’t restrict yourself, mix up the groups by combining books, personal items and ornaments. If you feel like the wall unit is looking to ‘bitsy’ add some baskets or boxes that fit nicely into the cavities, these will not only help balance out the unit but are a great practical solution for some concealed storage as well.


Within the group clusters you can create layers by utilising the depth of your wall unit. Place some taller items further towards the back and other smaller ones overlapping at the front, this will give the wall unit some complexity and help in creating character.


Use books you love, photos, pictures that mean something to you, prized possessions, and artefacts from travels or things you have picked up along the way to accessorise your wall unit. The wall will end up being a lot more special to you if you use the things you love.

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