The Madison Sofa Bed by BoConcept

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Optimise and personalise your living space with the Madison Sofa by BoConcept. The Madison sofa is perfect if you have extra guests staying the night as it can easily be transformed from a classic sofa into a comfortable and relaxing resting space, at the touch of the double toggle switches that are integrated into the armrests. Available in three different versions so you can choose between manually adjustable headrests only, or a version with electric seat, head and foot rest motion that is powered by either cable or rechargeable lithium battery. Customise this modern sofa bed to fit your particular style by deciding on the size, shape, material and colour you desire.

Madison sofa bed
From cool to comfortable at the touch of a button, the Madison sofa bed lets you relax in style and enjoy extreme comfort. Complete a luxurious Scandinavian style for living room by adding a functional wall unit and match it with an armchair from our modern range to match the Madison sofa bed. Offering the latest in technology and design, the Madison sofa bed is highly functional and offers an elegant look for your home.

sofa beds - Madison

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