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What is the unit for? Do you need it to house your TV and media equipment, or is it more for display items and books? Is it needed mainly for practical reasons or for a feature in your space? Do you need to be able to hide certain sections with doors or cupboards? Or is it a combination of these?

> FEATURE & STORAGE: If you are after a feature piece, look for something that has a combination of display and storage sections. Taking full advantage of the height of a room will also make your feature wall unit stand out. The Bronte for example is available in 2.6m high and incorporates matt polyurethane shelving with stylish colour-backed glass sliding door panels. Combining different materials adds interest and dimension to a wall unit and allows you to choose complementary colours or a pop of colour for a bit of fun.

> TV & DISPLAY: If you want something that is all about the TV with some display items and storage to hide away DVDs, take a look at the Genova Wall Unit. This makes a feature of the TV by wall- mounting it and surrounding it with a panel with simple floating shelves for display. It is anchored by low line TV benches and balanced by wall-mounted hanging cabinets. This look if for fuss-free, contemporary homes.

>TV & STORAGE & DISPLAY: If you are after a wall unit that does a bit of everything, the Vedi is the one for you. Incorporating generous TV and media component storage with great book and display storage, the Vedi also has the option to hide it all away behind sliding glass doors. This option is particularly great for lounge rooms that are multi-purpose as it can change the look of the room just by sliding one or more doors.


A lot of wall units are wall-mounted so it is important to decide if this is something you want to do or if you are renting or like to have the flexibility to move your furniture around, look for free standing options. If you do find a wall-mounted design that you love but you need it to be free standing, always ask if there are other similar options as there usually are. The Viano Unit is a great wall- mounted option that uses backboards and floating shelves to create a unique design. We also have a free-standing option that offers a similar look using some of the same components for those who don’t want to drill into their walls.


> Make a list of features the wall-unit must have to work in your space.
> Be sure of your dimensions; measure out your wall and jot down the largest and the smallest you are willing to work with to give yourself some flexibility with different designs.
> Know the style you are looking for and what will work with your current furniture
> If you are incorporating your TV into the wall-unit, make sure you have its dimensions with you.
> Work out how much storage vs. display area you need.
> Decide whether you want your wall-unit to be wall-mounted or free-standing. And remember, if you find something that is wall-mounted, don’t forget to ask if there is a similar free-standing option.
> Always ask if a professional installation of the wall unit is available as it is well worth it.
> Take colour samples of the wall, and photographs of the room with you when you go, so you can match up colours right away.

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