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40 Mattress FAQ


Comparison with other mattresses.

1. Why are these natural mattresses better than latex mattresses?

• Dorsal mattresses breathe better due to the open cell construction which allows air to circulate; good air circulation creates an optimum environment for a good night’s sleep. Most Latex mattresses (except Talalay Latex) don’t have an open cell structure; therefore it will keep stagnating humidity inside and eventually be a ground for mould and mildews. Bad air circulation is the perfect habitat for dust mites. Your mattress will become un-hygienic and cause allergies, breathing problems, stuffed nose, minor headaches, etc. Open cell means keeping the internal core ventilated, dry, fresh and an inhospitable habitat for dust mites.
• They will not get hot. The Softcare mattress cover has a honeycomb structure which is also made from open cell foam, the unique mattress cover and open cell mattress allow air to circulate through the whole mattress, and the Softcare cover can absorb moisture during your sleep and then disperse it during the day, meaning a fresh and dry environment is maintained for a good night’s sleep. This is ideal for a warm climate such as Australia.
• Overall Dorsal mattresses are lighter than latex mattresses due to the open cell structure. Making them easier to turn if need be, and easier to make the bed.
• The majority of Latex mattresses on the Australian market are not natural latex; they are either synthetic latex which contains Styrene Butadiene Rubber or the blend of natural latex with synthetic latex – Syntex. Even the majority of 100% natural latex mattresses do not have an open cell structure. The top end natural latex mattresses that have an open cell structure which is comparable with Dorsal natural mattresses are called Talalay latex mattresses,these mattresses are very expensive if it is a 100% Talalay latex mattress. It is important to check what they claimed, ask for a composition breakdown of the mattress.
• Dorsal mattresses are eco-friendly products, they are made from natural oils like sunflower oil, these natural oils are from plants grown under the sun, and they are renewable and inexhaustible resources. All materials that are synthetic come from petrol and therefore a scarce resource that will run-out one day.
• Dorsal mattresses distribute body weight evenly over the entire surface of the mattress through the 7 zone core, designed according to human body anatomy. This helps to relieve pressure points, promote good blood circulation, and reduce back and neck pain. It is great for people recovering from an injury, or people who spend long periods in bed.
• The Dorsal Bed system (slats, mattress + pillow) is a complete system that promotes good posture, by ensuring the spine is supported in its natural position. Bad support means bad sleeping posture; it could cause spine joints to be slowly dislocated over a long period, that’s why some people have chronic back pain which is very hard to cure.

2. In what ways do the Grand Soleil mattresses differ with Tempur Mattresses?

• Grand Soleil natural mattress foam is made from natural oils like sunflower oil and water.Tempur mattress is made from petroleum, the source materials are totally different.
• Tempur mattresses are temperature sensitive, using your body heat to soften the Foam allowing you to sink in and be supported. This is great for comfort and keeping you warm in winter except that it means the mattress could be hot in summer and hard to turn over on the bed as you have created a groove that needs to be slowly reformed each time you move. With Tempur mattress, you can not use heating in bed. Tempur mattresses are also quite dense which make them a lot harder to move than a Grand Soleil mattress. Tempur mattresses are made in steel moulds, when the mattresses are made from moulds you have a “skin” that you can notice on the product. The “skin” is there because paraffin is sprayed in the mould to prevent the foam from sticking to the steel mould, something that will cause the ripping of the core. That “skin” prevents air circulating through the core. Grand Soleil products do not have this kind of “skin”.

3. In what ways are the Grand Soleil mattresses better than spring mattresses?

• Most spring mattresses do not have a seven zone structure to contour to your body for support and comfort; it doesn’t create sleep comfort and sensation like the Grand Soleil mattresses.
• Most spring mattresses do not distribute your body weight evenly to reduce pressure points, it doesn’t promote blood circulation, therefore it could cause fatigue and back or neck pain.
• Most spring mattresses do not have good air circulation due to a non-breathable frame and cover; it creates a living environment for dust mites, which could cause allergy and headache.
•The majority of springs will wear out over a period of time, the mattress will lose its shape and support, meaning the mattress has a short lifespan.
• Modern day electrical equipment will cause springs to generate a chaotic magnetic field forming an unnatural and unhealthy sleep environment.

4. Why would this kind of mattresses benefit me as opposed to a (synthetic) latex mattress?

• Grand Soleil mattresses are made from natural oils derived from the sunflower & other vegetable oils (renewable resources) the way Foam Mattresses are made from petroleum (oil from the ground- a non-renewable resource). The principle is the same with similar manufacturing techniques but using renewable resources means the process is more sustainable. The way in which the natural oils are derived from the sunflowers is less harmful to the environment than extracting petroleum (drilling and other harmful techniques). The foam product has been given the support of C.A.R.M.E.N., an important renewable resources coordination centre in Bavaria.
• As more and more people prefer a cotton or silk shirt other than 100% polyester, same principle, people like Grand Soleil mattresses because it is a natural product like cotton and silk. Look where all the plastic shopping bags have taken us and all the plastic bottles and plastic packaging. We believe we should change the way we consume (even when buying a mattress), everyone can contribute to saving the planet and creating a better future for our children.
• The majority of Latex mattresses on the Australian market are synthetic and therefore not made from natural products and are not manufactured to have open cells. This means that they will not breathe as air will not circulate through them, making them rather impractical for hot climates such as Australia. If you look closely at standard latex foam and Grand Soleil foam, you will see that Grand Soleil has small cavities and they are linked together, that helps air to circulate, the structure is totally different with standard latex.
• With eco-compatible production processes carried out without CFC gases and employing thermo-recycling techniques, the products pass Oeko-Tex Standard 100,which guarantees the absence of harmful substances to the human organism. Oeko-Tex is a company that developed tests that can be carried out to guarantee the absence of toxins that are harmful to humans; these tests are carried out at all stages of production.
• Latex mattresses often have a strong ‘latexy’ odour that will remain in the product for some time. Some polyurethane has a strong smell, especially Visco elastic (memory foam, i.e. TEMPUR). this comes from the raw materials and manufacturing processes. Grand Soleil is odourless.


Mattress material and structure.


5. Are the Grand Soleil mattresses latex?

• No, the Grand Soleil mattresses are foam mattresses made from natural oils, they are not latex.

6. Where are they made? What are they made of?

• Using German technology, these mattresses are made in Italy.
• They are made from natural oils, such as sunflower oil and water.

7. How is a mattress possibly made from sunflower oil and water? How do they make it open cell?

• Sunflower oil is first transformed into polyoils; this is a similar technology to that used by companies who create bio-diesel. Polyoil is a natural combustible material similar to crude oil. The Polyoils are heated in a machine, then the ingredients are dropped onto a conveyor belt (the speed of the belt dictates the quality of the foam; the slower it is the better the quality, but the more expensive it is). The ingredients react with the air and forms a foam. Usually the “foam loafs” are a minimum of 20 metres long, 2 metres wide and 2 metres high. Originally this was how polyurethane was produced; then some latex companies copied the process to produce 100% synthetic latex. Recent innovations have allowed natural oils and water to be the raw ingrediants on the foaming machines, thus producing a natural foam.
• In the case of Grand Soleil mattresses the raw materials are sunflower or vegetable oils & water. For natural latex the raw material is latex sap; synthetic latex is made from Styrene Butadiene Rubber, the raw material is petroleum.
• During the heating phase of production, the cells are forced open; the foam is then stabilized to preserve the core structure. It depends on the particles of the raw ingredients whether they have the capability to be made open cell, it also depends on how slow the conveyor belt proceeds, if it is slow enough there is enough time to form an open cell structure. The crushing process opens the cells further and also makes the foam more resilient and durable.

8. How is a sunflower based product ecological?

• We only need seeds, soil, water and sunshine to produce vegetable oils, we can farm and grow these plants, in theory it is inexhaustible, therefore it is sustainable and eco-friendly. Most synthetic products depend on fossil oil, the resource is limited, and it is therefore not sustainable. In addition the extraction technique’s for fossil fuels are also extremely damaging to the environment, Grand Soleil’s raw ingredients are grown in pesticide and pollutant free fields, and the harvesting of the raw ingredients is far less ecologically damaging.


How to select a suitable mattress.


9. My husband likes firm and I like soft, what shall we order? And how comfortable is it over a period of time?

• If you buy a king mattress, it consists of two core parts, you can choose one side firm, the other side soft, this way the mattress will cater to both of you.
• All Grand Soleil mattresses undergo a crushing process twice, to ensure stabilization of the core. The result is an ideal product without sagging or deformation to ensure superlative rest. With the tests run by CATAS industries in Italy, the mattress will offer similar comfort to when it was purchased, years down the track.
• When changing bed sheets, let the mattress air for two hours. The mattress should be rotated every three months and flipped every six months as basic maintenance. We tend to sleep in one position, so after many years of use, natural wear and tear of the mattress and some loss of elasticity and shape should be considered as normal.

10. Do you have a firm option? I like a firm mattress – my chiropractor suggested this.

• It has been proven that very firm mattresses are not good for us; it is the old concept of an orthopedic mattress. We used to believe that people with incorrect posture should sleep on hardboard and therefore on a hard mattress, many studies now prove this wrong. Of course if someone is accustomed to sleeping on a hard mattress he/she will notice the difference and might have to adjust to the new mattress.
• A very firm mattress will cause our back and muscles to adjust to the mattress when it should be the mattress that adjusts to our needs, providing support for different sleeping positions to maintain our body in its natural posture whilst asleep. Some people have back pains which were caused by sleeping in a bad position for a long period; this is caused by the spine being slightly twisted, or pushed out of its natural alignment causing dislocation.
• Our Monocell medium is already a firm mattress. That is a grade of firmness that can cater for people over 100kg.

11. What mattress provides the BEST support? Which is best for me?

• Ideally when you sleep, the mattress and the bed system should maintain your body in the same posture you have when standing, if you achieve that, you will feel comfortable, and this is the best result from a good mattress.
• The Grand Soleil mattresses are all designed to provide excellent support. The mattress that provides the best support is not too firm and not too soft. It will be determined by the size of the person that is sleeping on it. People 90kg+ will feel more comfortable and be better supported by a firmer mattress; a smaller person (less then 55kg) will be properly supported on a softer mattress. Each individual will need to try the mattresses and determine for themselves which mattress provides the best support and preferred comfort. We have been told for many years that a very firm mattress (orthopaedic) is good for everyone on the theory that it keeps your back straight, recently this has been proven incorrect. The best support is the one that is medium to firm. A too firm mattress means that the muscles and spine have to work to adjust to the mattress.The mattress should adjust to you to allow your muscles to relax during sleep.
• The Etoile mattress has been certified as medical grade, meaning it is suited to people with an injury or people recovering from an injury as it suitable for pro-longed periods in bed. NaturMemory is heat sensitive foam (memory foam, Visco elastic) that shapes up perfectly to your body. Ideal for pressure relieving as it models itself and adapts perfectly to the natural curves of the body, distributing the weight over the entire supporting surface. It relieves the pressure on the areas that bear the greatest load, ensuring great comfort and relaxation, whatever position the body assumes. This will promote good blood circulation when in bed, allowing the body to heal. NaturMemory is part of the Grand Soleil mattress range; it is made from an open cell, breathable Visco foam, ensuring the mattress will not get hot when sleeping for long hours.
• Each person should try the mattresses and determine which is best for them. The main sleeping positions are the side and face up. If you sleep on your side, the best mattress is normally a soft/medium one that allows you to sink, otherwise the exceeding pressure from the mattress will cause blood circulation to slow down and you will wake up with a sore shoulder, arm, hip or legs. For people that sleep face up, the best mattress is a medium/firm one to support the hip, levelling the area between the hips and shoulders. All gaps need to be filled otherwise it means that the muscles have to work to keep a straight back.

12. Which is the best mattress for an adult? Which is the best for a child?

• This depends on personal requirements and preferences. The size of the adult will have a great impact when deciding which mattress is best. The Soleil mattress, being a Triocell structure, and having the options of firm, medium or soft, can fit most characteristics and preferences. A general guide is firm for people over 80kg, medium from 55-80kg, and soft for less than 55kg. All the Grand Soleil mattresses provide superior support and are designed to reduce pressure points for a restful sleep. The customer should spend adequate time trialling each mattress to determine which mattress best meets their requirements. In the end the best mattress is the one that keeps the spine aligned and in the same position as when we are standing.
• Kids can fall asleep anywhere but it is good to prevent problems rather than curing them. We always suggest something in between, meaning medium to soft depending on their weight and sleeping position. Triocell soft and Duocell soft are both good mattresses for kids.

13. Which is the best for a bad back?

• All Grand Soleil mattresses are endorsed by the Italian Association of Physiotherapists.
• The Triocell has 3 different sized cells to provide support and comfort, and allow even distribution of weight, this reduces pressure points and promotes good blood circulation while you sleep, helping to resolve some back problems.
• The Etoile (memory foam) mattress has just received a medical grade certification in Italy. The mattress is recommended for sick people or those with an injury who have to spend prolonged periods of time in bed. The memory foam responds to the heat of the body and adjusts to your lying position allowing good blood circulation in all positions and reducing the incidence of ‘pins and needles’.
• The bed slats are also critical to relieve back and neck pain. A good mattress without an appropriate support becomes an average mattress. We always suggest to our customers to buy a good mattress together with good bed slats. After all the cost of the bedslats is just 1/10 of the mattress, so while you are at it you might as well spend a little bit more for the bed slats – “buying a new mattress and not considering a new bed slats is like buying a new car and telling the car dealer that the old car’s tyres are still fine.”
14. Which slats are best? Can I put this mattress on top of my ensemble base?

• There are 7 main differences between the normal slats and super varial slats as listed below: 1) The number of slats is different.The normal model has 14 slats in total, the Super model has 15. 2) The size of the slats is different. The normal slats measure 63mm deep each, the supers are bigger at 68mm, and they both are 8mm thick, which means the gaps between the slats on the normal slats base are greater. 3) The Super Varial slat base has 3 profiled shoulder slats for more comfort when sleeping to the side. 4) Firmness- the result of the above 3 differences means the Super slats will feel firmer due to smaller gaps between slats. 5) Metal Paint- the metal paint on the Super model is a matt anti rust paint, on the normal model is a plain metallic paint. 6) The super slats are more expensive than the normal model and Super Slats offer greater support and flexibility to the user. 7) Super slats have Dynaflex which is designed by anatomical body structure. So whilst both slat models offer an advanced sleep system, the Super Slats have added benefits.

• You can put this mattress on top of your ensemble base, but the feeling will not be the same as the one you tested in our showroom.
15. Will purchasing a Grand Soleil Pillow with the mattresses improve the sleeping experience, and what densities are available in the pillow range?

• Indeed frame, mattress and pillow must work in synergy, supporting the spine, conforming to its natural shape and reacting elastically at pressure points. This is the only way to achieve a supporting effect for the vertebrae and producing a stretching effect on them, relieving the spine of the body’s weight.
• The Grand Soleil has two types of pillows; one is a soap shaped design, ideal for every one, that will provide the proper support, without resulting in compression, instead allowing the cervical spine, muscles and relevant nerve tracts to relax. The other one is ‘Contour’ for people with neck or shoulder problems, they are recommended for relieving the stiffness and tension accumulated during the day.
• The Densities available are: ‘Triocell’ in medium or firm. ‘Softcare’ in soft.
16. If I don’t like this mattress after one week can I swap it or get a refund?

• The mattress can be swapped to another type that we have in stock within 7 days of delivery as long as the cover is kept by the customer, meaning only the inner core is swapped. A delivery and exchange fee of $120 and the price difference between the two mattresses must be paid in advance. This swap is subject to approval, we can only swap the inner core if it is in an ‘as new’ condition, if it has been soiled in any way we can not provide this service.
• The mattresses inner core can only be swapped within 7 days, we can not give any refunds or accept any mattress returns. It is important to remember people are accustomed to their old type of mattress, it will take about 2 weeks to adapt to a new mattress, it is perfectly normal to feel a little bit uncomfortable or to feel minor aches as the body adapts to the new mattress, once the body has adapted the muscles will relax during sleep resulting in a better sleep. The bed system also plays a major role for the comfort of a mattress, we recommend our customers buy the mattress together with our Italian posturepedic slats.


Comfort and mattress quality questions.


17. What difference in comfort level do the Dorsal slats make with the Grand Soleil mattresses compared to a non-flexing slat base?

• The Dorsal slats and mattresses are designed to work together as a complete sleep system for maximum support and comfort. The mattresses can be used with other slat systems, but they will change the feel of the mattress.
• If a customer uses the mattress with flat slats (non-flexing) the mattress will feel firmer.
• Dorsal standard bed slats have the following advantages: The dynaflex slats are made from beech with a special patented insert, these inserts increase load resistance by 40% and moisture resistance by 35%. The slat holders in the steel frame has been a Dorsal patent since 1979, it has proved to be very strong and very quiet.
• The Dorsal Super Varial Slats have the following additional benefits: Adjustable cursors, used to adapt the level of firmness in the back and lumbar region to suit personal requirements. Shoulder area slats have a special profile that increase flexibility and elasticity giving extra comfort when sleeping on the side.
18. Does it mould to your body like latex?

• The unique patterns formed by the horizontal and vertical cuts responds to the weight of your body, they assist the distribution of your body weight, eliminating pressure points and allowing good circulation. Latex responds in a similar manner.
• Memory Foam & Tempur beds are slightly different, they respond to your body’s heat and ‘moulds’ to your bodies sleeping position, this also takes acts to distribute the weight from the main pressure points to maintain good circulation. Memory Foam and Tempur mattresses will take a couple of moments to respond if you change your sleeping position, the mattress needs to bounce back from the previous position and reform to your adjusted position.

19. Do the mattresses lose their shape over time and become saggy?

• All Grand Soleil mattresses undergo a crushing process twice to ensure stabilization of the structure. The result is an ideal product without sagging or deformation to ensure superlative rest. We recommened general maintenance of turning the matress evey three months, and flipping it every 6 months to ensure longevity. In saying that though, in daily use we tend to sleep in the same position and area of the bed, and after 7- 8 hours a day for 10 years of use, we should accept some changes in the products; all mattresses will show signs of wear in this time frame. After a few years, old style cotton, wool, hey and natural fibre mattresses need refilling as the material inside compresses and flattens. Springs will eventually collapse or lose their bounciness (sometime even perforate the cover and come out). Latex and natural foam mattresses are no different. A natural loss of elasticity and certain shape changes have to be considered. Though, in saying this, optimum sleeping on a Grand Soleil mattress should be expected for 8+ years depending on the local environment, and use; this is much longer than the lifespan of a fibrous mattress or sprung mattress.
20. Do the mattresses come with a warranty? What is the warranty for these mattresses? Why don’t you have a 20 year warranty like Italy?

• The mattresses come with a 10 year warranty, the first two years are unconditional, the rest of the years are conditional, please see the mattress warranty. In Italy,they do not offer a 20 year warranty, they only give a two year warranty in accordance with European law. Sometimes the customer can buy an addional five year warranty. We don’t believe a 20 year warranty is a serious warranty for a mattress, and consumers should be aware that any warranty can only be as good as the company’s reputation.

21. If it is natural will it break down quicker?

• It all depends on the manufacturing process of a mattress, Grand Soleil mattress goes through a crushing process to stabilize the structure, and it can last 10+ years. Normally we recommend people change their mattresses after 10 years of use anyway for hygiene concerns. Natural products will break down faster than a petroleum based product once in landfill.

22. Why aren’t the mattresses endorsed by the Australian Chiropractic Association?

• Beyond Furniture sourced the mattresses in Europe and brought them into Australia to offer our customers the latest in European sleep technology, the mattresses have been endorsed by the Italian Associationof Physiotherapists and received certificates in Europe. They are not yet endorsed by the Australian Chiropractic Association simply because they have not been submitted for testing.
23. If the king mattress is 2 cores in one cover, over time will they move apart and will the split be able to be felt after a few years? Why do I have to have the gap in the middle for the king? That makes no sense.

• Not at all. At a blind test you will not spot the one that is with two cores and one with one unique core. With the cover on it is impossible to tell if there are two cores or one.
• The major reason for that is for delivery. In Europe and in Australia many apartments have very small lift and hall ways, a king mattress is too big; it just doesn’t fit through and can not be delivered to the customers.

24. Can the foam within the cover be damaged easily when cover is removed for washing/ how much care should be taken?

• There is an internal 100% jersey protection cover for the core so when the main outside cover is removed, the jersey cover underneath will protect the core from being damaged. The Grand Soleil foam will not be damaged from water or light exposure. If water is spilled, being open cell, it will dry quickly, if it is exposed to light, it will turn colour but properties will not change. Latex does have the potential to change colour and break down when exposed to light. Also the SoftCare foam cover was tested to be washed at 60° and will endure many washes.


Price, lead time and custom make issues.


25. If it is foam, why isn’t it cheaper? If I’m going to spend a lot of money, why wouldn’t I just buy latex?

• Latex mattresses are also a foam product, the price depends on what kind of latex mattress it is, is it synthetic latex? Natural latex? Talalay natural latex? Synthetic latex blended with natural latex etc.? What percentage breakdown is the composition? Cheaper foam products are made from petroleum and do not have the same complex cell structures that Grand Soleil products have, and therefore do not offer the same levels of support & comfort, nor do they have the same health benefits.
• Customers should be comparing the price to the only other mattress on the market that is comparable; that is an open cell natural latex mattress – Talalay latex mattresses. When compared with Talalay latex mattresses, the Grand Soleil mattresses are extremely competitive. Furthermore there is no strict governing body ruling the market, some companies will claim a mattress is 100% natural when it’s not; and it is essential to understand there are many different qualities of latex. Only some consumers are concerned about the material composition and the resulting long term wellbeing, they usually focus on sleeping comfort, which is not the whole story.
• On top of all the benefits, Grand Soleil has the SoftCare cover, the padding is especially designed for pressure relief and absorbing moisture. The unique construction is 100 times more adsorbant of moisture than cotton and 100 times faster drying. The removable cover is machine washable, the 4 side zippers make it easy to wash at home. These unique benefits do not exist in latex mattresses.
• Anything in the world can be found cheaper. Cheaper furniture, cheaper latex, cheaper foam, cheaper bed slats. It depends on the quality, the quality of the raw materials, the quality of the processes and the quality of the company. When the quality of the materials and workmanship increases, the price increases. Dorsal was established in 1932, it is one of the high end sleep system suppliers in Italy. Both Dorsal and Beyond Furniture pride themselves on selling high quality, premium goods.

26. What sizes do they come in? Can the mattresses be made to any custom size?

• The mattresses are available in King Size, Queen Size, Double and King Single.
• They can be made to order at any custom size, it will be cut down from a mattress one size bigger, and the price will be the price of the larger sized mattress plus an additional 10%. The lead time on custom order is also longer.

27. Why haven’t I seen these mattresses in the Australian market before? If these mattresses are so good, why is Beyond Furniture the only company that sells them in Australia?

• Beyond Furniture has taken the initiative to source an affordable mattress, similar to Latex mattresses, with the added benefit of being able to breathe and stay cool, which means it is even more practical for the Australian climate. The product was first launched in Germany in 1999. In Italy Dorsal started distributing in 2005; France, Switzerland and Austria also started in 2004; Japan in 2007; India, China and Thailand in 2009. Right now there are inferior copies of this natural foam; our competitors are taking a lot of time to understand how to produce natural foam using natural polyoils. Currently it is not widely publicised because the big world players prefer to carry on with coils and latex where they have invested so much research. Sooner or later they will switch to natural products and they will advertise it meaning natural foam will become more mainstream. Small to medium companies can move faster than bigger companies, they can seize the potential business and they are riding the wave. Here is a link of an American company that is investing a lot in America; they claim to be the number one and the first (Perhaps in the American market but not in the European) to use soy oils to produce natural foam and If they take off, and a market leading company like them start advertising natural foam, it will take off and become a perfect substitute to latex and coils.

28. Can I get a thicker, more cushioned cover?

• Our SleepDry SoftCare Cover has 2cm of Soft Triocell foam padding, in our experience to date it is soft enough.
• If you wish to have a softer cover, we recommend you purchase an extra wool/feather mattress protector.

29. What are the lead times? Why are the lead times so long?

• The mattresses are manufactured in Italy; the mattresses are manufactured to European standard sizes. When Beyond Furniture places an order we have the mattresses made up to Australian standard sizes, and then shipped from Italy. This process takes 20 weeks. For this reason we try to keep good stock levels for the mattresses so customers do not have to wait that long. Occasionally the sales for the mattresses surpass expectations and we run out of stock, meaning customers will have to wait for the next shipment to arrive. Also if a customer orders a custom size or something from outside our normal range (e.g babysol or a bamboo cover) they will have to wait the 20 week lead time.

30. Which is most popular and why? Why don’t you have more in stock – is this an unpopular model?

• Since Beyond Furniture started selling Grand Soleil, the Triocell has been the most popular. For this reason, the soft, medium and firm options have been brought in to ensure customers find the correct one.
• In Italy the Etoile has become one of the most popular options due to its health benefits. It is also due to the popularity of visco elastic (memory foam).
• The reason people like to buy top range mattresses is that they recognize a good mattress is critical for a good night’s sleep, they are more concerned about their long term wellbeing rather than price, they want to gain the maximum benefits.

31. Which one has the lowest price? Which is the most expensive?

• Price variance depends on the complexity of the process. Monocell, as the name implies has one single sized cell in the mattress, the triocell mattress has three different sized cells – 1/3 small for comfort, 1/3 medium for movement flexibility and 1/3 large sized cells for support. The more complex the structure, the greater the cost for the mattress, it also provides more benefits.

32. Why is there such a big variance in the price of your mattresses? Eg: the triocell -monocell?

• This is not an ordinary foam mattress made from petroleum, this is a natural mattress made from natural oils, the technology and the process is different, the cost is much greater to create an open cell structure. If you compare prices with the comparitive level of natural Latex mattresses – Talalay natural latex, our price is extremely competitive; it depends on which products you are comparing it with.

33. Why are they so expensive for a foam mattress?

• This is not an ordinary foam mattress made from petroleum, this is a natural mattress made from natural oils, the technology and the process is different, the cost is much greater to create an open cell structure. If you compare prices with the comparitive level of natural Latex mattresses – Talalay natural latex, our price is extremely competitive; it depends on which products you are comparing it with.

34. What is the material composition of the SleepDry SoftCare cover? How much does this mattress cover cost if we buy only in its own?

• The material composition is: 45% cotton, 25% polyamide, 30% polyester with Triocell Softcare Foam padding.
• SleepDry SoftCare covers: King cover $850, Queen cover $790, Double cover $690, King Single cover $650

35. What are the other covers available? What is the lead time?

• ‘Namboo Sensitive’ and ‘Namboo Cotton’ covers are also available, they are made from 100% bamboo & cotton (all natural) should a customer specify they want an all natural cover; the natural products are grown in pesticide and pollutant free fields. Another good cover is the Silver cover, called NaturArgento (Natur= Natural, Argento= Silver). It is naturally anti-bacterial (used for many years in cutlery to prevent bacteria forming); anti-stress because the fabric is treated with positive ions that counter the negative ions that we store during the day. Balancing these ions means we create an overall better sleeping environment. The fabric is made mostly of cotton, the Silver is a treatment applied to the fabric. Nano-technology is used to send micro-capsules into the yarn, that, with body heat will release its positive ions. It is also an oeko-tex tested fabric. Naturargento is one of those unique fabrics. It comes in 3 versions; Cotton, SoftCare and Air Cotton. Cotton is with continuous quilting and cotton filling; Softcare is with spotted quilting and SoftCare filling; Air cotton is with spotted quilting and cotton filling. The difference between continuous and spotted quilting is that continuous is a traditional style, Spotted quilting is a more modern style. Also the SoftCare and Air cotton versions have a special insert (called AIR) running all along the sides following the zipper. AIR is a third space fabric that allows air to flow in and out keeping the mattresses more ventilated. This insert is placed near the zipper and in the middle of the cover so when a body moves it pushes the air in and out providing the ventilation.

•Sometimes customers are enquiring about material composition as they have an allergy to a specific toxin or a number of toxins, if this is the case, if they write down what they are allergic to we can make a direct enquiry with the factory to ensure this toxin is not used at any stage in the manufacturing process.

• We usually keep SleepDry SoftCare covers in stock as this is the most popular design, other covers can be ordered though, it will take two weeks to manufacture it in Italy, then it is shipped to Australia. In some urgent cases it can be sent to Australia by airfreight.

36. How much are your slats? Can I keep my own slats?

• Normal slats: King $425, Queen $375, Super Varial: King $755, Queen $695.

• You can keep your own slats, but the support and comfort will be slightly different when you use our bed slats.


Allergy and other concerns.


37. Where does the moisture go if it’s absorbed into the cover? Wouldn’t this make the mattress smell? Do the mattresses have a smell to them?

• It is normal for moisture to form during sleep. A special manufacturing technique enables Sleep Dry fabric to disperse moisture over the entire cover surface allowing it to evaporate during the day. This system ensures a fresh sleeping environment and also preserves the mattress core. The moisture does go into the cover, the system is designed so the majority of moisture evaporates (when used with a slatted base and appropriate bed linen), the cover is completely removable and able to be washed & dried at home within a day, so any moisture that is retained can be easily removed. We recommend the cover to be washed two to three times a year depending on the level of perspiration and your local climate.
• Some mattresses, including foam mattresses made from petroleum and latex are known to carry an odour, the Grand Soleil mattresses do not, they are completely odourless.

38. Are there any petrochemical substances added?

• The mattresses are made from sunflower and vegetable oils.
• All foams have agents and some of them are chemicals, the ones in Grand Soleil mattress comply with Oeko-Tex standards. You will not find any foam product that does not contain a small percentage of chemicals, as 100% latex would be like glue, 100% natural oil foam would be oily and these ingredients on their own are not enough to form a structure such as seating, a mattress or an insulation panel. The manufacturing process relies on catalyst agents to bind the ingredients and form the structure, a small percentage of these must be chemicals.

39. Is it good for people with allergies? I have allergies and I am really precautious, where can I access a list of the ingredients?

• The Grand Soleil mattresses are good for people with allergies. Any catalyst added in the manufacturing process will not produce any toxins in the final product, other products with the same process have been used for packaging fruit and even in sensitive medical applications. If the customer has specific allergies, they need to provide a list of the ingredients he is sensitive or allergic to, and we can ask the factory to check it. The other option is we can provide a 10cmx10cm block of sample product so the customer can test it for a couple of days to see if it irritates allergies.

40. Can I use the mattress with an electric blanket?

• There is no problem using an electric blanket with Grand Soleil Mattresses (unlike latex, Latex will crumble). Grand Soleil is produced in Italy, much of their market is European, in the north of Europe, weather can get extremely cold in winter (-10° to 4°C) and therefore electric blankets are very popular, and regularly used with Grand Soleil Mattresses.

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