4 Scandinavian Desks For Your Dream Study Look

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Scandinavian study desks are made both to be stylish and functional. These days work stations are becoming increasingly becomes more mobile. Now, many of us can work from home on our computers or if we want to further our education, we can take up a distance-learning course from the comfort of our home. So getting the right ambience and furniture in your workspace or study nook is really important to being productive. Here we discuss 4 desk options that offer beautiful Scandinavian design along with great functionality so you can be inspired, comfortable and efficient when you work from home.


Copenhagen office system


Scandinavian desk

The Copenhagen office system is an extension or adaptation of the Copenhagen wall unit system, with the ability for customers to add on a desk to the unit in a simple L-shape form. The beauty of this design is the huge number of options you can play with depending on what you need out of this versatile piece. Not just a desk, it can also be a sideboard, a bookshelf, a TV unit, display case or open shelving system. Add doors to any area of the system in a variety of colours including grey, white, oak, walnut and green. Its so flexible that it can work in any space not matter what the size and shape. It gives you ample storage options, for hiding unsightly items or open display shelving for featuring your favourite ornaments or trinkets. We are all about making your workspace homely, comfortable and efficient.



Cupertino desk


cupertino desk

The Cupertino desk is a gorgeous, slim line and elegance standalone desk with incredible functionality to boot. Some would regard it as a design icon, as it offers the best in Scandinavian design as well as being a ‘one stop shop’ for practicality and function. Not just a pretty desk, the Cupertino includes built in Bluetooth enabled speakers, that sit sleekly into the desk so that it can be used as a home audio system, like many of BoConcept work space pieces. Inside you’ll find plenty of storage for paperwork and stationery with interchangeable lids allowing you to change the look and style as you wish. To avoid cable clutter, there are discreet compartments for hiding any wires out of sight. It is customizable to your taste and comes in a range of colours and styles from lacquered white, black, oak, walnut and the speakers are covered in textured grey felt fabric, offering a nice visual contrast to the other materials. You’ll love working at this desk and it’s attractive clean lines make it a beautiful addition to any room.



Cupertino wall desk


desk fold out

The Cupertino wall desk is the ultimate space saving desk, if space is a priority for you. It is a simple, minimal design that can be a storage wall mounted unit when you’re not working as well as a drop down desk during work hours. It takes up very little space but offers plenty of room inside for storing all your work related items. As with the Cupertino desk it integrate blue tooth speakers neatly tucked away inside the top area so you can use it for playing your favourite tunes when taking a break from work. Also customisable, this item is available in a variety of colours and finishes and can be mounted on the wall of any room you choose to set up your study nook in.



Lugano wall mounted system


Desk white fold out

The Lugano wall mounted system offers the ultimate in adaptable home storage with multiple configurations, that you can choose from with the help of a BoConcept in-store designer to work in your home. The system is designed so that drop down doors can be added to any part of it to create a cupboard down below or above your head. Additionally if you add a door at high height, you have a simple drop desk to work from. This system also integrate speakers to any area of the design and is made to hide any device cables to maintain a harmonious wire free space. The Lugano is available in 3 different depths depending on what you need to store and the size of your space. It can be as big or small as you need, with ample storage for records, books, papers and ornaments. This is an ideal option if you want to work from your lounge or bedroom with everything you need at your fingers but once you’re finished work, you’d to forget about it. Then you just easily fold away your desk and remove your chair, turning the space back into it’s original state. As with many of BoConcept designs, there are lots of colours and finishes to pick from, whether you opt for white, black, walnut, oak or glass finishes, it’s all a matter of choice!


All of these desks can be purchased at either one of BoConcept’s furniture stores in Sydney, located at Crows Nest or Moore Park’s Supa Centre.

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