Ottawa Sofa by BoConcept

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The Ottawa sofa by BoConcept is a multifunctional modular sofa that is made up of many different modules that can be arranged accordingly to create a totally unique sofa. For everyday use, the sofa can be spread around the home, for example, two modules in the living room and one in the bedroom. For occasions and events where a bigger sofa is needed, the modules can be combined to create a larger, more spacious sofa, with plenty of room for family and friends. The Ottawa sofa is available in hundreds of different combinations to fit any lifestyle. It can be customised to your preference with a range of quality velvets and fabrics to suit your personal taste and style. The Ottawa sofa is available at BoConcept furniture stores in Sydney, located in either Crow’s Nest or Moore Park.

Ottawa modern black sofa

Ottawa blue fabric sofa Sydney

Ottawa designer fabric sofa Sydney

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