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At Beyond Furniture, we showcase a wide range of modern lounge suites for your home. Go for a contemporary look and add a BoConcept Danish designer lounge suite to your living room. These modern lounge suites come in a variety of different designs and styles. The lounge suites listed below are a sample of popular configurations that can be customised to suit whatever size or shape of your room. Choose from over 100 different leathers and fabrics to suit your style. Our designer lounge suites come with a number of different fabric and colour options, as you can choose and design your lounge to your exact needs and preferences. If you require extra seating, our modern lounges will provide great support and comfort. You can enjoy resting back and putting your feet up, or sitting down and talking to your guests.

Buy Modern Lounge Suites in Sydney

The modern lounge suites displayed here can be purchased at BoConcept stores located in Sydney, in either Crows Nest or Moore Park. You can browse through their online website and filter through the many different customisation options for your specified modern lounge suite. BoConcept’s interior design team can help you order your desired lounge suite directly to your Sydney home, where their delivery team can assemble the product, hassle free. BoConcept deliver all furniture throughout the Sydney region.

Carmo Lounge suite with Chaise

Carmo Corner Lounge Suite with Chaise by BoConcept

The modern Carmo sofa is a real show-stopper with its cubic look, perfectly accentuated by exclusive piping details. Don’t be ...
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Indivi-2 modern grey lounge suite by BoConcept

Indivi-2 Corner Lounge Suite by BoConcept

Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the Indivi 2 sofa is timeless. The high ...
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Osaka - designer lounge suite - BoConcept Sydney

Osaka Corner Lounge Suite by BoConcept

A light look and slim proportions make the Osaka sofa perfect for small homes, while a subtle feminine look and ...
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Carlton - Lounge suite with Chaise Sydney

Carlton Corner Lounge Suite with Chaise by BoConcept

Drawing inspiration from 60s and 70s furniture design, the delicate Carlton sofa will give your living room that subtle retro ...
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