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Italian natural mattresses are better than most latex mattresses

  1. The Italian Dorsal mattresses are natural products, the foam is made from natural oils like sunflower oil, it breathes better due to the open cell construction which allows air to circulate; good air circulation creates an optimum environment for a good night’s sleep. Most Latex mattresses (except Talalay Latex) don’t have an open cell structure; therefore it will keep stagnating humidity inside and eventually be a ground for mould and mildews. Bad air circulation is the perfect habitat for dust mites. Your mattress will become un-hygienic and cause allergies, breathing problems, stuffed nose, minor headaches, etc. Open cell means keeping the internal core ventilated, dry, fresh and an inhospitable habitat for dust mites.
  2. They will not get hot. The Softcare mattress cover has a honeycomb structure which is also made from open cell foam, the unique mattress cover and open cell mattress allow air to circulate through the whole mattress, and the Softcare cover can absorb moisture during your sleep and then disperse it during the day, meaning a fresh and dry environment is maintained for a good night’s sleep. This is ideal for a warm climate such as Australia.
  3. Overall Dorsal mattresses are lighter than latex mattresses due to the open cell structure. Making them easier to turn if need be, and easier to make the bed.
  4. The majority of Latex mattresses on the Australian market are not natural latex; they are either synthetic latex which contains Styrene Butadiene Rubber or the blend of natural latex with synthetic latex – Syntex. Even the majority of 100% natural latex mattresses do not have an open cell structure. The top end natural latex mattresses that have an open cell structure which is comparable with Dorsal natural mattresses are called Talalay latex mattresses,these mattresses are very expensive if it is a 100% Talalay latex mattress. It is important to check what they claimed, ask for a composition breakdown of the mattress.
  5. The Italian Dorsal mattresses are eco-friendly products, they are made from natural oils like sunflower oil, these natural oils are from plants grown under the sun, and they are renewable and inexhaustible resources. All materials that are synthetic come from petrol and therefore a scarce resource that will run-out one day.
  6. The Italian Dorsal mattresses distribute body weight evenly over the entire surface of the mattress through the 7 zone core, designed according to human body anatomy. This helps to relieve pressure points, promote good blood circulation, and reduce back and neck pain. It is great for people recovering from an injury, or people who spend long periods in bed.
  7. The Dorsal Bed system (slats, mattress + pillow) is a complete system that promotes good posture, by ensuring the spine is supported in its natural position. Bad support means bad sleeping posture; it could cause spine joints to be slowly dislocated over a long period, that’s why some people have chronic back pain which is very hard to cure.

These mattresses are better than most spring mattresses

  1. Most spring mattresses do not have a seven zone structure to contour to your body for support and comfort; it doesn’t create sleep comfort and sensation like the Grand Soleil mattresses.
  2. Most spring mattresses do not distribute your body weight evenly to reduce pressure points, it doesn’t promote blood circulation, therefore it could cause fatigue and back or neck pain.
  3. Most spring mattresses do not have good air circulation due to a non-breathable frame and cover; it creates a living environment for dust mites, which could cause allergy and headache.
  4. The majority of springs will wear out over a period of time, the mattress will lose its shape and support, meaning the mattress has a short lifespan.
  5. Modern day electrical equipment will cause springs to generate a chaotic magnetic field forming an unnatural and unhealthy sleep environment.

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